Zen Garden

The Zen Garden is a beautiful and gigantic place that covers more than 4 hectares, were people in the Pristine faction go, in order to find a serene place. It is very quiet and peaceful. There are benches for people to sit in, and some white silk hammocks for people to rest.

The garden is divided into two parts: Purity and Discipline. There is a bridge that separates them and underneath, there is a small lagoon in which no one is allowed to go in, since the water is pure and sacred to the faction.

The Purity section is the part that looks more like a garden: it has grass and stone paths, as well as multicolored flowers, fountains can be found almost everywhere. There is also a small waterfall that is crystal clear with small fish, all of these elements representing the faction's purity, by the neatness of the garden. Purity is beautiful and you should appreciate it.

The Discipline section is made out of only white sand dunes with giant polished stones, either black, gray or white. The rocks represent the faction's discipline, while the garden is beautiful, it is also stern. Just like people should be: and meaning discipline gives you happiness.