Vincent Burkhardt


Amity Initiate

Age: 20 Faction: Amity   Faction Born in: Abnegation   Job: Amity Initiate   ==Personality==Vincent over the year developed the kind of Cool, Hot, and Lonley type of guy. He is kind to every one that he meets and loves to help people out. Whether its helping an old lady carry her bags or if a friend needs help with anything he is happy to help. He also always says the first things that comes to his head. Although of his caring and helping personality Vincent doesn't have many friends besides his twin brother Ryder and acouple of other people. He aslo loves to play his piano nd sing and write his own song but no one not even his twin has heard him play or sing.==History==

Vincent along with his twin brother ryder were born on a cool summer night of april 16. There parents were Justin and Monica Burkhardt. While growing up Vincent and Ryder's parents began to notice there twin son's divergence. Justin and Monica both loved there sons so they encouradged them to be whoever they wanted to be and so they th 2 twins did. While growing up Vincent developed the cool loner type of personality. Which compeled many girls to want him as a boy friend. At the age of (Blank) Vincent and his brother Ryder began going to school. Vincent was an averadge student with some A's and some B's. He never really care for the stuff. He would always get himself in trouble in class or with some of the school bullies for having such a big mouth. Although no matter how much he got beat up or in troble Vincent never really fought back with force. He always fought back by words or sometimes even Blackmail. When Vincent was around 16 he got his first girl friend. They were happily together for about a year before she dumped him for some other guy. Vincent was really sad but he didnt let that make him all dark and distant. He simply moved on but, now he is afraid of dating anyone else out of fear that his heart will be broken again. Now he lives a nice life with his brother and his parent and when Vincent and his Twin brother Ryder are of age to take the test he was ready to take the test. Althought since he was a divergent Vincent had no idea what was coming his way.


 A black fingerless glove that sprays tear gas