Training Grounds

It is a place where you train, specially for initiates. However, if you did get through initiation, then, there are is a bimestrial tournament in which any Dauntless can join as long as you cover all of the requirements. You fight here and you fight well, or else. The best part of it: It is real, not a simulation.If you wanna post as an Initiate, you can post in the comments.

NOTE: If you'll post for the tournament do not post in the comments under any circumstances.

  • Males and Females together.
  • Your character must be Dauntless and have been in the faction for over a month.
  • You must put your character in the "Participants" list.
  • Maximum 16 character spots per tournament.
  • The numbers of the tournament obviously need to be an even number. Meaning that the only numbers that are allowed to count as a tournament are: 8, 12, and 18. (In case that the number is twelve participants, the finals will be a 3 player fight.)
  • You will get sorted randomly against your first opponent.
  • After you get your opponent assigned, you must make a Forum.
  • The one that assigned his/her name on the "Participants List" before, starts the first post.
  • The Forum must be ONLY 22 posts long. No more, no less.
  • Each Participant has a post at the beginning to show off, say how they're feeling etc.
  • The other twenty posts are for the fight itself. Meaning each user gets 10 posts.
  • After the RP is finished, put the link in the part of "Finished RP's" so we can qualify it.
  • The fight is qualified by realism (25%), quality of the RP (25%), Grammar (20%) and Spelling (20%). The one that wins is obviously the user who got a higher percentage.
  • Only Admins qualify the fights.
  • There can be ties, but only in extreme circumstances.
  • After the RP is qualified, the Admin will name the winner of the RP.
  • If a user doesn't post for 7 days in the RP, he/she will be automatically be disqualified. His/her opponent will automatically win that fight.
  • The process will be repeated until the Finals.
  • There will also be a fight to see who gets in 3rd or 4th place.

Tournament Players

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Finished RP's

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Hey, what's a tournament without a prize?

1st Place Prices

1 shiny character spot

10% of points advantage on any further fights/tournaments with any char of yours.

2nd Place Prices

10% of points advantage on any further fights/tournaments with any char of yours.

3rd Place Price

5% of points advantage on any further fights/tournaments with any char of yours.

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