• I'm not good with titles so don't judge me. Anyway, I read your message to everybody and wanted to inform you that the people who have been working more their butts off are Carn, Ash and me. You know I love Music as a friend, but honestly he hasn't been on here much- or at all. I'm not going to beg you to keep my user rights, but I do know that I've proven to be a worthy co-fondo nder of this siki. You make your choice :)

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    • Well, you have proven yourself and have been deemed worthy by the queen. (Nah, joking.) But seriously, I know you've been working your butt off, but I'd appreciate it if you kept the faction list updated, because I went to update them and got confused, due to Music saying Sapphire is Divergent yet she didn't update the list, so it just pissed me off as well and made me evaluate everything. If Carn and Ash wish to keep their spots, they will, but I'm not sure on Music.

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    • Why do you keep calling Music a she? Nevermind, actually THAT is the reason I don't update it often. Cause Music changes his char's faction every now and then without telling anyone and sometimes he leaves the name in the two factions' list and ahhhh. It is stressing at times. Nvertheless, the queen's royal buttler will try to take care of it and keep it updated :)

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    • Thanks. I'll speak with Music while you do update. If you can now, that is.

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