Jayce's Suite



This is Jayce's suite in the Maddox Mansion


Lucas and Jayce


Lucas Maddox Pristine Born, Future Fervor
-Troublemaking Maddox

 – 16:07, September 27, 2014 (UTC)

Lucas walks into Jayce's suite and flops down on one of his couches, unsure of what to do. He had a "date" with a friend of his a few hours later, but on the mean time, he wanted to get some entertainment.

Ava and Jayce

Ava Maddox

Ava Maddox -Erudite Member · Former Pristine
Age= 17 Status= Single
Height= 5'06" Weight= 121 lb

 "The smart Maddox"

She was walking through the Maddox Mansion, her tablet was the newest generation. She writes on it, 99% of her concentration on it. Making a 100 page essay that was due tomorrow. The worst thing was that they had just left it for her to do today. It seemed almost impossible. Almost. However, Nothing is impossible for a Maddox. Or at least that's what Enrique said anyways. Shewas so scrmabled in her thoughts she doesn't notice when she gets into Jayce's Suite instead of hers. She sits in th first couch she notices and continues working, her legs crossed.

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