1. Read all of our policies before you do anything. Try to get a feel for what is expected in our roleplay pages so the entire experience can be interesting for yourselves and others around you.
  2. Make your Word Bubble. To make a World Bubble, just go to Template:Word Bubble and copy all the information. Afterwards, you will want to create your own page and paste the information from the Word Bubble template. Once that is done, you can fill in the basic information about your character.
  3. Make your Aptitude Test. An aptitute test is for characters of a certain age (16). However, if you want your character to be an adult (17+), then follow the link to the appropriate page. Another available option would be to be a child, in which you will have to fill out information such as personalities, age and backstories. Be sure to check other tests before, since our approving process is a bit different than other wikis.
  4. After your character is approved, and ONLY after that, may you make your character's page. If you create it before he or she is approved, you will be breeching one of our policies, and it will be handled within appropriate disciplinary actions.