Ryder Burkhardt

Name: Kenneth Mason


Age: 20

Chosen Faction: Amity

Factions: Amity, Pristine, Fervor

Faction Born in: Abnegation


He is very kind and will help anyone that needs help. He also feels that honesty is very important. He loves music, especially playing his guitar and writing down songs. He is very loyal and protective to his friends.
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He loves being happy. He is very neat and organized in all of his stuff. He may be sarcastic and cocky sometimes, but in a cool way and funny at the same time, which makes most girls (and boys) like him. He loves hanging out with his friends, and he is very social.


Ryder and Vincent Burkhardt were born to Monica and Justin Burkhardt in a fresh morning, on April 16. Justin and Monica loved their children so they never cared who they wanted to be, their abnegation selflessness showing. When he was 2, he would play with Vincent a lot of things. They grew up together in a pretty bonded relationship.

When they were 4 Ryder began going to school with Vincent. Since he was fairly popular, he needed to act like he didn't care for his grades, although he would normally be one of the smartest non-Erudite students. Vincent sometimes got in trouble because of his mouth, so he would sometimes have some problems with his friends, since they were the ones to bully Vincent. Vincent still had some pretty amazing talents, but Ryder felt that Vincent didn't know them, for instance, he was pretty good with blackmail.
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When he was 15, Vincent got in a huge fight, and Ryder had to punch his best friend in the face for the first time in his life, since Vincent never really defended himself Since the, he has never punched anyone. That really affected his reputation, so he stopped talking to Vincent for a while, blaming him for the situation.

That same year he got a girlfriend, but Vincent seemed to be a bit nervous that he still didn't have one, but he never really cared until he was 16, and then she broke with him. Ryder falt pity for him and tried to help him as much as he could in that time. He broke with his girlfriend so Vincent wouldn't feel so bad about him having one.


Small laser-pen that when activated cuts through skin. Since he is Amity, he doesn't use it for offensive, just for defensive.

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