Rosaline Avery Vaucan
Fervor-Born Initiates' Leader
Owned by: MetroMara

"You say that I'm kinda difficult, but it's always someone else's you wrapped around my finger, babe, you can count on me to misbehave!"
Full Name: Rosaline Avery Vaucan
Age: 21
Faction: Fervor
Faction Born In: Pristine
Job: Fervor Second-In-Command Leader

"January to December, do you wanna be a member? Lonely hearts you want to be with somebody like me?"

Rosaline Avery Vaucan is a former Pristine member who now leads the Fervor-Born initiates in the Fervor faction.

Rosaline was never, ever going to be a Pristine, and of that she is very confident. For a long time she's been very sexually confident, and is still unmarried but is engaged in a friends-with-benefits relationship. She's very to-the-point because everyone needs to know they're not fucking perfect (even though she thinks she is.) The only person she honestly cares about is Piper. (Piperline. It's a real thing whenever they want it to be.) What she holds in high esteem is her sass and ability to pick up and abandon people when she needs to. An excellent liar, she's good at being sweet to your face and a bitch behind your back.


Her knives, and her ability to administer a really good knuckle sandwich.

Rosaline Avery Vaucan was never a Pristine, never perfect, never pure. She wasn't willing to be a doll faced porcelain puppet who never ever stepped out of line, and right from childhood this emerged. This meant she gained notoriety in Pristine, and befriended a like-minded young woman, Piper Hollande and they grew up childhood friends. It didn't take long after starting secondary schooling that the feelings began to be less than innocent; two wild children born for the Fervor faction with a shared hatred for the oh-so-perfect Diana Hollande were never going to be 'just friends' for long.

Piper and Rosaline were popular in school, although constantly in detention they'd get more detention for what they did in detention. As time went on, people matured and puberty hit everyone like a fucking coca-cola truck everyone got damned hot. Especially Piper Hollande, which meant Rosaline's almost confirmed sexuality was even more affirmed as feelings were confessed and a friends with benefits relationship rolled on. All of it was against Pristine values.

Her already existing hatred of Diana Hollande, the 'perfect twin', was mutual and Rosaline found the Hollande and Vaucan parents aware of their every move. Despite Diana's intentions, this only made Rosaline more and more determined to sweep Piper off her feet, and it kept going. They slipped in windows, slept in old buildings, ran off into the night. There was literally no way to ground them.

The choice to choose Fervor was easy, even easier when she had Piper to follow. Finishing (just barely! She affirms she could totally have beaten Piper) second beneath Piper in initiation, she followed Piper into her leadership quest and became her second in command.

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