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Piperline and Diana

Piper: She's scowling as she walks into the faction she despises so much, just about ready to rip off the head of anyone that tries talking with her (unless it's Rosaline for obvious reasons). "Despite me hating this factions, walking by these buildings brings back many memories," she sighs, her bad mood lessening somewhat as a small smile comes to her face.

Rosaline: The second-in-command saunters alongside with her lopsided smirk painted across her face, nodding while running a hand through her tousled hair. "Yeah, I see what you mean," she returned, her smirk leaning a little bit more to the left now with a wink. "Many memories I'll never be forgetting." She takes a sip of the mocha which she really only bought because she'd love to do a retake of "Diana Hollande covered in hot drink" herself.

Diana: Since the incident with her twin sister, Piper, The other Pristine leaders suggest Diana walk around with a body guard, which Diana really didn't mind. Even though she would never admit it, Piper and Rosaline were easy to deal with when apart but when together it's was a different story. Diana was now walking alongside her said bodyguard when she spots two familiar figures walking. "Look what the cat dragged in..." Diana spoke as she walked up to the two, a pile of papers hugged up against her chest.}}

Piper: She sighs somewhat exasperatedly as she hears that annoying voice, and turns her head slighty to look for Diana. Spotting her with a bodyguard, she quirks an eyebrow, and smirks. "Aw, couldn't handle your twin sister, and got yourself a bodyguard?"

Diana: "After our last encounter the other pristine leaders thought it was best..." she said calmly as she took one glance at Rosaline and noticed the coffee. "something tells me they were right to do so since your girlfriend seems to wanna replay the scene." she glared Rosaline before looking back to Piper. "So, what are you doing back here in pristine? I assumed you would never be coming back."

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