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The beautiful Word Bubbles

Wesley Damianos Stravos ~ Dauntless Flirt


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-"If you wish to test a man's character, do not take from him, but give him power."

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The Rp

Wesley: Wesley walks throught the Dauntless HQ, waiting for the Erudite that were coming to test a few Dauntless adults. He simply hoped he'd see Kyarah.

Kyarah: Kyarah is at the front, with two other Erudite. She waves to Wesley with a smile - she was at the front, so they couldn't see.

Wesley: Wesley grins and points at the room behind him, hoping she gets his point, "Hurry." He mouths at her.

Kyarah: Kyarah nods, turning to the other Erudite. "If you go with Kiev, and set up, I'll be with you in a moment." The tone was definitely a dismissal, before turning back to Wesley and going into the room with him.

Wesley: Wesley looked up and grinned. "Babe! Bout' time you got here!" He pulled her into an embrace. "I was beginning to think you'd send another idiot."

Kyarah:"The entire purpose of Erudite is that we are not idiots," Kyarah reminded him with a slight laugh.

Wesley: "Well you're with me, so in a way, you're an idiot." He grinned cheekily and kissed her lips.

Kyarah: "A paradox, huh? Saying that the not-idiots are idiots now because their leader is an idiot?" She smirked, kissing back.

Wesley: "Babe, you lost me at the word paradox, but yeah, okay." He chuckled.

Kyarah:: "Ostensibly," she replied with a grin. "Confusing you is fun."

Wesley: "Confusing me is confusing in general." He replies. "Wait... That didn't make sense at all." He face palmed.

Kyarah: "No, no it did not."

Wesley: "But then again, that's why I have you." Wesley grinned cheekily at her, pressing his lips to her cheek.

Part Two?

Wesley: Wesley was very uncomfortable with his current clothing. He was wearing blue. All blue. No black. "Oh the things I do for Kyarah..." He mumbled, pulling his blue hoodie closer.