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Marlene: She's in her and Emily's quarters, debating whether to sneak into Erudite herself and take care of Kyarah, because she's become a huge pain the ass lately. Not only to whatever she has with Emily, but to the Allegiant entirely. She's sharpening her knife, paying no attention to anything and everything that could be happening around her. She's in the safest place of the whole experiment, anyways.

Emily: Emily sits there quietly, staring at her lap and drumming her fingers. It's clear she's having another bad day.

Marlene: At some point in time, Marlene puts the knife down, and finally notices Emily sitting there, more silent than usual. Quirking an eyebrow, she walks over, and sits next to her. "Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas?" she asks.

Emily: She barely hears and unusually keeps her eyes rigidly on her lap. She's not going to sugar coat it or anything - she honestly can't be bothered with life, let alone flowering the truth. "Du weißt schon."

Marlene: She didn't really know, but she had an idea of what was bothering her, so she nodded. "Es wird besser," she offers pathetically, not really knowing what else to say.

Emily: "Hm," she responded quietly, unconvinced.

Marlene: "Let's go train," she suggests softly, gesturing for her to stand up. "It always seems to get your mind off things."


Piper: She's headed towards a club that had recently opened, and she'd been wanting to make an appearance in. Ignoring the stares she's getting, she smirks and links her fingers with Rosaline's. "If this club turns out to be trash, we're coming back to the apartment," she informs. "I plan on giving good use to my night."

Rosaline: The blonde squeezes her fingers and smirks. "I intend to give good use to mine," she whispers back, "so this club had better not disappoint me,"

Piper: "Oh don't worry," she keeps her voice in a whisper, intending for just Rosaline to hear her. "I'll make up for it, if anything," she reassures as they near the club. All it takes is raising her ID to be let it, and she can't help but quirk an eyebrow at that. What impresses her most, like usual, is the VIP section. "Looks like we've found our next place to shag on," she calls over themusic, biting back an unlady-like snort.

Rosaline: Rosaline smiles and raises an eyebrow. "Could've been on a roadside if you wanted it."

Piper: "Dear God, babe, we're ladies-- not dogs," she teases, pulling Rosaline close to her. "How about we act as close to ladies as we can?"

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