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Sterlyn Love Pristine
-"Family Means No One Gets Left Behind Or Forgotten" - David Ogden Stars

 – 19:05, December 20, 2014

He smiles and kisses her forehead, "Good to know,"

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Template:Arcadia Sterlyn:He smiles, "Right because it will make Alec feel better," he says as he scoops her up bridal style and carries her to his truck. "I love you Arcadia," he says as he kisses her forehead

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Arcadia: "I love you too Sterlyn."

OOC: Would you like to make like a timeskip to Christmas where Arcadia invites Sterlyn to be with them or something of the sort?

Sterlyn: He smiles as he walks out of the hospital to his truck. Before he sets her down, he kisses her

OOC: Maybe in a bit after he gets her home.

Arcadia: "Sterlyn, you're too good for me." She cries.

Sterlyn: "Arcadia, you're too good for me." He holds her close and kisses her agan, "You remind why I became a soldier in the first place,"

Arcadia: She smiles miserably "What would you like me to do for you?"

Sterlyn: "You just being there is enough for me, I love you Arcadia, and all I need in return is your love,"

Arcadia: "I love you back."

Sterlyn: He smiles and holds her close to him, the stair incident really had scared him

Arcadia: "I'm sorry." she said as if reading his mind.

Sterlyn: He holds her close to him, "It's not your fault. All it did was make me realize how much I care for you,"

Arcadia: "Thank you."

Sterlyn: He kisses her, "You mean the world to me Arcadia, I hope you know that,"

Arcadia: She shrugs "I don't."

Sterlyn: "Well, now you do,"

Arcadia: She sighs heavily.

Sterlyn: "What's the matter?"

Arcadia: "Not good enough."

Sterlyn: "What's not good enough?"

Arcadia: "I am not good enough for you. But you'll make me a better person." She smiles warmly and then kisses Sterling deeply, hoping he will kiss back.

Sterlyn: He does, but through the kiss he whispers, "You are more than good enough for me,"

Arcadia: She psychologically smiles and continues to kiss Sterling, her hands finding their way to his shoulder and chest.

Sterlyn: "You know we may want to head over to either my home or yours since we're in the parking lot still,"

Arcadia: She sighs "fair enough."

Sterlyn: He chuckles a little, "We'll be home soon love," he says as he opens the door of his truck for her

Arcadia: She entered and smiled at Sterlyn.

Sterlyn: He walks over to his side and clammers in, "So where do you want to go?"

Arcadia: "Haven't gone to your home yet."

Sterlyn: "All right then, my home it is," he looks at her. "Don't worry about Alec I hired a babysitter,"

Arcadia: "Wooh. That's good I was worrying about that kid."

Sterlyn: He chuckles, "You're a good mother Arcadia,"

Arcadia: She smiles "Thank you. You will be a nice father too. She rests into his shoulder. It'a bit too bulky." She laughed and shifted her head until she was comfortable.

Sterlyn: He smiles slightly, but starts to remember his father and just focuses on driving. The current song "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" by Justin Moore certainly wasn't helping matters

Arcadia: "Are you fine?"

Sterlyn: He tries to smile reassuringly, "Yeah I'm fine,"

Arcadia:  She notices he isn't right "Try again. Maybe this time you'll actually convince me."

Sterlyn: He sighs, "Fine. I was thinking about my dad, and how I can only hope to live up to his image,"

Arcadia: "Sterlyn, you're a great guy, and I bet that you'll outgrow your father's shoes. I hope I explain myself?"

Sterlyn: He smiles, "Thank you Arcadia. But you never met my father. That's not an easy image to live up too,"

Arcadia: "But you'll do it." She insists. "We'll do it." She grabs his hand and kisses it. "Together."

Sterlyn: He smiles, "Thanks for the vote of confidence," he says as they pull up into the drive of his house

Arcadia: "Nice" she compliments.

Sterlyn: He nods, "Thanks. It's not very big, but the only people that live there are me and my sister,"

Arcadia: "Oh. I see. I think I met her the other day."

Sterlyn: He shrugs, "It's possible. Despite the fact that we live in the same house I don't see much of her anymore," he says as climbs out and opens her door

Arcadia: "I see... You're going to inc¡vite me in, or should I stay outside?" she jokes. But trying to make her look serious.

Sterlyn: He blinks, "Right. Would you care to enter my humble abode?" he says with a twinkle in his eye

Arcadia: "I would, thank you very much." She smiles and kisses him slowly.

Sterlyn: He smiles and kisses her back

Arcadia: She deepens the kiss a bit and smiles at him.

Sterlyn: "I love you Arcadia," he whispers through the kiss

Acadia: She pulls back, breathing in air. "I love you too."

Sterlyn: "C'mon. Let's head in," he says holding her hand

Arcadia: "Okay" She says as she follows him.

Sterlyn: He leads her into the 3 room house. A main room with a small kitchen and table, with a tv off in the corner. The other two rooms were the bedrooms

Arcadia: "Looks cozy."she admits and smiles at Sterling.

Sterlyn: He nods, "Sis, must be out right,"

Arcadia: She smiles. "The place is lonely for the two of us."

Sterlyn: "You should see it when it's only one person,"

Arcadia: "Haha, I bet it isn't as nice."

Sterlyn: "It's real lonely,". He says as he leads her to the kitchen, "Can I get you something to drink?" he asks as he pours himself a glass of water

Arcadia: "A glass of water."

Sterlyn: He hands her one, "There you are." He sees a photo of his dad over her shoulder. He walks over f to it and picks up looking at it

Arcadia: "Sterlyn."

Sterlyn: He turns around still holding the photo, "Yeah?"

Arcadia: "I know his death was probably something very hard for you to take in. I know what I'm talking about. But he'd be happier if he saw you enjoying life than regretting what you didn't do in the past."

Sterlyn: "I know... It's hard to let go I guess. He was my hero, and now..."

Arcadia: "Now what?"

Sterlyn: "He's gone. And all I have left is pictures, mental and physical,"

Arcadia: "And knowledge" she adds and raises an eyebrow.

Sterlyn: He sets the photo down so that Arcadia can see it, he looks a lot like his dad. "Yeah that too, I guess"

Arcadia: "Handsome man, you got there. No wonder why you came out this way."

Sterlyn: He smiles, "Thanks," he says as he walks over to her and pulls her into a kiss. "You're beautiful too,"

Arcadia: She moans slightly "But you're better looking."

Sterlyn: "Debatable," he says as he kisses her deeper and rubs her back

Arcadia: She moans a bit louder and places one hand on Sterling's chest and the other starts to mess with his hair.

Sterlyn: He smiles and starts to kiss her neck

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Arcadia: She continues moaning and grabs His shirt while pressing her nails against it. She then starts rubbing her body against his.

OOC: Having the actual intercourse is out of limits.

Sterlyn: He groans slightly, and breaks the kiss to pull his shirt over his head, when he goes back to kissing her on the lips

Arcadia: She smiles and presses outlines his abs with her finger and with the other hand, she continues to mess with his hair.

Sterlyn: He groans a little louder, and plants little kisses from her lips to her neck

Arcadia: She smiles and pushes him toward the wall. She then walks over to him and kisses him really deeply while pressing really hard against him.

Sterlyn: He loops his hands around her back and kisses her deeply and passionately as he starts to rub her back

Arcadia: She moans loudly and grabs him by his hips.

Sterlyn: He grins and flips them around so she's back against the wall

Arcadia: She moans and continues to feel Sterling's bare upper body rub against hers. She then tugs at his pants.

Sterlyn: He picks her up by her but and has her wrap her legs around his waist as he brings them into his bedroom

Arcadia: She grins widely at him and continues to trace his abs.

Sterlyn: He lays her down on his bed, and kisses her from her jaw down to the neckline of her shirt

Arcadia: She moans and takes off her shirt only leaving her bra. She then starts massaging Sterlyn's midriff.

Sterlyn: He groans and kisses her around the the fabric of her bra

Arcadia: She moans and groans and keeps doing the same, then places her hands on the front of his pants.

Sterlyn: He continues to kiss around her bra, as he snakes his hands to the clasp

Arcadia: She starts to unzip his pants and lowering them.

Sterlyn: He fumbles with her clasp for a second, before he successfully undoes it and removes it

Arcadia: She smiles and finishes to bring down his pants and places her hands on the hem of his boxers.

Sterlyn: He grins back at her and then he places her mouth on her nipple and proceeds to kiss it

Arcadia : She then starts to suck at his nipple.

Sterlyn: He groans, and his teeth graze her nipple as he snakes his other hand up and flicks her other bud

Arcadia: "Wait. This is wrong."

Sterlyn: "What's wrong?" he says as he lifts his head up

Arcadia: "If we're going to do this. We must get married first."

Sterlyn: "If we're going to go all the way we have to get married first"

Arcadia: "That's what I'm sayinfg."

Sterlyn: "Right. So we stop ourselves before things get that far,"

Arcadia: "Exactly."

Sterlyn: "Okay... are you saying you want to stop now?"

Arcadia: "I love you, but yes."

Sterlyn: He kisses her softly, then lays down next to her, "I love you too, and I'm not going to force you into anything you're not comfortable with,"

Arcadia: She amiles "Thank you" and grabs Sterlyn while hugging him as if she were a koala.

Sterlyn: He smiles as drifts off into a restful sleep

Arcadia: When she wakes up, it is 8:00 a.m. in the morning. She yawns and hugs Sterling's bare torso tightly.

Sterlyn: He wakes up when his alarm goes off telling him he has an hour before he has to get to work. "Mornin' Sweetheart," he says groggily as he shuts his alarm off

Arcadia: "Good morning, babe."

Sterlyn: "I gotta get ready for work. I'm on the clock in an hour,"

Arcadia: "Okay. Have fun then"

Sterlyn: "I'll try," he says as he gets out of bed and starts to pulls on his uniform pants

Arcadia: "You look nice, strong and muscular" she teases as she bites her lower lip.

Sterlyn: He pulls on his undershirt when he notices her biting her lower lip. "Hey what's wrong?"

Arcadia: "You're hot."

{{Post|Sterlyn|He chuckles, "So are you."

Arcadia: "Why, thank you."

Sterlyn: He smiles and kisses her softly, "Just stating facts,"

Arcadia: She smiles as well "Me too."

Sterlyn: He slips his uniform button down shirt on and starts to button it up

Arcadia: She kisses him gently.

Sterlyn: He smiles, and kisses back slightly. He then pulls away and finishes buttoning his shirt, and slips his hat on, when he pulls her to him and kisses her softly

Arcadia: "Good luck."

Sterlyn: He smiles, "I don't need it. You're my good luck charm,"

Arcadia: "I see..."

Sterlyn: "You see, if I know that when I make it home I have you to come home too, I have the greatest motivation too' make it home,"

Arcadia: "That's a bit cheesy but extremely cute."

Sterlyn: He shrugs and pulls her close to him, "True though,"

Arcadia: Arcadia sweetly and quickly pecks his lips and then playfully spanks him.

Sterlyn: "Oh we're gonna play that game now are we," he says as gives her but a squeeze

Arcadia: "Of course my horse."

Sterlyn: "What do you know? You're a poet and didn't even know it." he says with a playful smile

Arcadia: "Poet? Yeah. Nice joke."

Sterlyn: He grins at her, and pulls her closer to him. "I love you, Arcadia"

Arcadia: "I love you more."

Sterlyn: He kisses her forehead, "Whatever you say Love," he grabs his keys, and straps his gun to his waist. He then kisses her softly, "I'll see when I get home,"

Arcadia: "Bye, Sterlyn.

Sterlyn: He smiles and with a tip of the hat, he leaves the bedroom. He soons starts the truck up and pulls off, ready to start his patrol

Arcadia: She starts to clean Sterlyn's house.

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