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Arcadia: She takes Alec to a chinese restaurant. His favourite. All to make him happy.

Alec: "Mommy.." He says as they take a seat. "I don't like soldier dude." He frowns.

Arcadia: "Do you mean Sterlyn? Why? He loves you."

Alec: "He's going to replace daddy. You're gonna forget about daddy and then you'll have more babies and forget about me!" His tiny voice cracks.

Arcadia: She laighs a bit at his idea of having more babies "Oh no darling! I will never forgive daddy!" She hugs him. "Don't think of Sterlyn as a replacement. Think about him as your second daddy. I love you and your father loves-" her voice cracks. "your father loved you. I still love daddy. But there's nothing I can do about it." a tear falls down Arcadia's eye.

Alec: Alec looks at her with his father's big and ocean blue eyes. "Pinky promise?" He whispered, extending his finger.

Arcadia: She smiles and holds out her finger too. "Pinky promise." She regains her composture and hugs Alec "I love you, dear."

Alec: "I love you too." He grins, hugging her. "Hey mommy, how do you make a baby?"

Arcadia: She coughs. "Uhmm... Why do you ask that?"

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