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Marléne Le Tallec - Former Erudite • Allegiant Leader

-“You fight for what you believe in... I fight for what I believe in.”
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My bubble.


Casper Tomlinson Fifth Rank Member
-The Broken Leader

 – 01:48, January 29, 2015 (UTC)



Isabelle Herondale First Rank Member
-"I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt."

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Kendra Mullins Second Rank's Second In Command
-"I don't care, just gtfo."

 – 15:59, October 12, 2014 (UTC)

Le bubble.

Medium portrait-2

Ken Mason -Divergent, Allegiant Second Rank Leader
Age= 19 Status= Single
Height= 5'10" Weight= 151 lb Factions= Dauntless, Abnegation, Divergent

 "Bravery isn't a matter of being bold. It is about making the right choice"




Sapphire Smith Divergent; Dauntless, Former Abnegation
-The beautiful Resister



Emily Former Erudite • Allegiant Lieutenant
-"You write short stories, and I think you like living short stories. But I'm kinda ready for the novel."

 – 08:17, January 29, 2015 (UTC)



Marlene: Marléne awaited for a few Allegiant members in the HQ, her face remaining expressionless.

Casper: Casper slowly walked up to the leader, his face impassive.

Isabelle: Izzy slowly walked up to the leader, his face impassive.

Kendra: Kendra slowly walked up to the leader, his face impassive.

Ariana: Ariana along with Katherine walk into the Alegiant HQ. The two had recently heard that Marlene wanted everyone to meet up for a meeting so thats where the 2 were heading. On this day Ariana decided to where a simply white T-shirt. With black skinny jeans and White converse.

Katherine: At Sapphire's side stood Katherine. Katherine was looking as Beautiful as every and also decided to wear something simple for the day. She had on a Black T-top with light blue skinny jeans and Black ankle boots.

Ken: He walked to the rest of the people. He had this problem towards authorities that he couldn't behave differently than with other people. He though of himself as an anti-hypocrite person. But this problem would always bring problems. Even in the Allegiant, so he was relatively nervous that he wouldn't open his smart mouth.

Emily: Ending up next to Marlene as was probably her rightful place, Emily would offer her a smile, before making sure she wasn't going to drop her computer. This one gesture - bringing the laptop just in case anything came up - showed that she was most certainly a professional. She'd been in this long enough to know that you could never be too careful - nevertheless, she waited for Marlene to speak.

Marlene: She smiled back at her lieutenant, before looking back to where her gaze previously was. As a few of them neared Marléne and Emily, a wry smile found its way to her lips. "Good evening.." Her gaze lingered on Ken for a moment with a warning look, having had problems with him earlier.

Katherine: As Katherine stood there looking around the room. As she did this her eyes landed on Marlene. Katherine had never officially met the leader of the Allegiant but she heard many things about her.

Sapphire: Sapphire stood there listening to Marlene. Although Sapphire had never met the Allegiant's leader Sapphire had much respect for her.

Marlene: Marléne always began her meetings, but this time, she opted for something else, "Emily, will you do the honors of telling them what this is about?"

Ken: He swallowed hard at Marlene's look. He wasn't scared of her, and she probably knew that. But he was anxious- Nervous. It was nervous. Nervous to actually not being scared of people. He swallowed again, his Adam's apple shifting from up and down in his throat.

OOC: So according to your previous post, they had already met right?

Emily: She made sure everyone was sat down and comfortable before connecting her computer to the large screen. "Unfortunately, this is something I hoped I'd never have to say to anyone." she begins, "but it appears hoping is not enough. I've personally spent a long time searching for evidence of...others, and I'm alarmed by the amount I have found. It appears that Erudite have found them and established contact with one in England - who basically has contact with everyone else in the radar." She glances at Marlene, the only person who would understand the 'how much shall I say' message within it.

Marlene: Noticing the look, Marlene inwardly debates it. They should know all of it, but then again, knowing too much was a great risk. Kyarah, or any other Erudite for that matter, could easily hold them hostage and force it all out. Don't misunderstand, she holds trust in the members, but it wasn't on a great scale. She shot her a look, perfectly saying to tell what was needed, but not all of it.

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