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Jake T. Austin

Andre Carlier Pristine
-Transfer Trainer

 – 16:17, March 21, 2015 (UTC)

He checks his list one more time to make sure he's at the right place. He knocks on the door, "Micheal. It's Andre, I'm your trainer for your initiate period,"

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Michael Fallow {{{faction}}}

 – 12:22

Michael gets up and walks to Andre. "That's funny, my middle name is Andrew."

Andre: He rolls his eyes slightly, "Right. Hysterical, come one grab your weapon and let's go," he says clearly not amused

Michael: "It wasn't supposed to be funny, just a coincidence." Michael grabs his Bow and quiver and follows Andre.

Andre: He says nothing but leads Michael to the shooting range. He looks at Michael's bow and asks, "You want to use that?"

'Michael': "I'm faster and more accurate than most people." Michael takes out an Arrow and aims.

Andre: Before Michael can loose his arrow Andre draws his pistol and looking at Michael shoots a plywood man in the head. "You're better than most people in your home faction. Not in Pristine,"

Michael: "Poor plywood man." Michael starts shooting arrows at 5 Plywood men in less than 6 seconds. "You could probably do that faster with a gun, but I like a bow and Arrow better. More hands on."

Andre: "Fine. The bow can be your primary. But you're still going to learn how to use 3 different guns," he gestures to a table where there is a pitsol, a rifle and a shotgun. "Pick what you want to use first, trainee,"

Michael: Michael grabs the pistol and twirls it around his finger.

Andre: "You do that and you're going to shoot yourself. Now have you ever shot a pistol before?"

Michael: "Yes, but not as much as my bow."

Andre: "Fine then. Show me what you got," he says gesturing to the targets

Michael: Michael shoots 8 of the Plywood men in 10 seconds. "Easy."

Andre: He thinks, then goes over to a computer and starts inputting commands, "I'm setting up a hostage scenario. There are 5 hostage takers, and 10 hostages. Your goal is to free all of the hostages, take out the enemies as needed," he gestures to his gun, "You have 10 rounds. Make them count,"

NOTE: I'm GMing this

Michael: "Alright" Michael reloads the gun.

Game Master
Send Me an Owl! - 15:51, March 28, 2015 (UTC)
Micheal finds himself standing in a courtyard. There is some kicked up gravel going towards a door. There is another door next to that door and there are no other exits from the courtyard

'Michael': "Well, alright" Michael heads through the door on the right.

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