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Name: Xavier Venom

Gender: Male

Desired Job: Erudite Professional Scientist

Current Age: 19

Why do you want this job?: I want this job to open gates to people. I believe I am intelligent, and I should use it to favor the world and to discover new things that help mankind. That is the thing that most matters to me. Of course I also want recognition and inventing thins such as cures and complex machinery.

Why should we accept you in this job?: Like I said, I want, and will invent useful things. At first I will need to learn about how things work. But I assure you soon enough mankind will develop quickly and some part of it will be due to my invetntions. If you don't hire me, you will be the ones without adantage, not me.

You Have Been Accepted

The Faction Leaders have concurred that you would bring excellent service as an Erudite Professional Scientist. You can now put this template in your character page as a proof of its achievement. Congratulations.

"If life hands you a lemon, throw it at someone!" DrXax Resize

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