Hello there! This is where you claim your character to be a Faction Leader, or to have a Special Faction Job

Those jobs are:

  • Faction Leaders
  • Pristine Soldier
  • Erudite Professional Scientist
  • Abnegation Senator
  • Fervor Runner
  • Candor Court Judge
  • Amity VIP Land Owner
  • Dauntless Tattoo Artist

There are only 4 Faction Leaders per faction. There are only 20 spots for Special Jobs per job in the whole wiki.

E.G: There are at most 20 Candor Judges, at most 20 Pristine Soldiers etc, but for tattoo artists, there are only five tattoo artists.

Be reminded that you can have at most 3 characters with Special Jobs and only 1 per faction job.

E.G: You may have 1 Candor Judge, 1 Abnegation Senator and 1 Fervor Runner, but you may not have 1 Candor Judge and 2 Fervor Runners.

NOTE: If you character is a Faction Leader of any of these jobs, he/she will NOT count as one of your 3 Special Faction Job spots, however, he/she WILL count as one of your 2 Faction Leader spots.

For every Special Job, there is the Leader, -that must be a Secon-in-Command Leader of that faction. Since there are four per faction, the LEader can't be the Supreme Leader, nor any of the two initiates Leaders, meaning the Leader of the Special Job must be the one remaining- and the Lieutenant Leader.

To be made chosen as an LT Special Job Leader, you must have your character been working for over a month in that job, and to have a recommendation letter from three people:

  • The Supreme Leader of the faction
  • The Leader of the Special Job
  • A partner from that same Special Job

After that been done, you will make another request in this page, but now, under the section of Faction Leader Request. Not in the Special Job Request anymore. In that Page, you should answer all the questions and show the three letters of recomendation.

For both Faction Leaders,  Special Job Lieutenants and for characters with Special Jobs, count as "Seats of Power". So if you go inactive without previous notice, then your characters will loose its seat of power, let it be, your characters with Special Jobs, and/or your Faction Leaders as well as the LTs.

Please be sure that your character qualifies in all of these requirements:

  • He/She is a member of the faction that he/she wants the Special Job in. An Erudite member can't be a Dauntless cop, or a Candor Leader.
  • He/She has at least a month being a member of his/her faction
  • He/She is at least 17 years old, meaning he/she can't be neither a kid, nor an initiate.
  • He/She can be a two-faction Divergent, but not a three-faction one. If your character will be a Faction Leader, then he/she can't be Divergent at all.
  • You are a "Faction Leader Level" user (or higher).


Type your character's name in the empty space and then click "Take your Interview" to start your test.
Unprocessed Requests - Special Jobs

These are the requests for Special Jobs that haven't been completely processed.
Character Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Type your character's name in the empty space and then click "Take your Interview" to start your test.
Unprocessed Requests - Faction Leaders

These are the requests for Faction Leaders that haven't been completely processed.
Character Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By

Rejected Requests
Character Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By

{{Accepted|a 'faction job'|Signature}}

You Have Been Accepted

The Faction Leaders have concurred that you would bring excellent service as an Erudite Professional Scientist. You can now put this template in your character page as a proof of its achievement. Congratulations.


"If life hands you a lemon, throw it at someone!" DrXax Resize


You Have Been Rejected

Your request couldn't finish its process, most probably because of one or more of these four reasons:

  1. It was an automatic rejection, because your character didn't fulfill all the required elements.
  2. Your request was inactive for more than a week.
  3. The 20 spots of your desired Special Job are full at the moment.
  4. Your answers weren't at least 80% correct from the quiz.


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