Why Policies? As everything in life, we have rules that must be followed.


A user may only have two characters leading a faction. For example, if you have twelve characters and want five to be leaders. You may only have TWO characters as a leader, and the leader may NOT be Divergent under any circumstances. Also the two leaders can't lead the same factions.

User Levels

When you get to the wiki, you are labeled as "Initiate Level", with only one character spot. After your first character is approved, (August 22nd) you will be under the name of "Faction Member Level", with three more character spots. After two weeks of editing frequently (September 5th), you will level up to "Faction Leader Level", in which you will gain three more "regular" character spots and two Allegiant character spots. Two of these "regular" or Allegiant characters may be two-faction Divergent in this level and up. Again, after two weeks of frequent edits,(September 19th) you will level up to the highest level "Divergent Level", where you will have three more Allegiant character spots and three more regular character spots. Also, you get another Divergent spot. This Divergent character may be a three-faction Divergent. Also, in this level you may start voting on their respective debates/votes. Please be reminded that in order to Level Up, you MUST edit frequently. If you don't, you will not level up.

Remember that you can only have Divergent chars until you get to "Faction Leader Level". Also, there are only three Divergent spots, two of which must be two-factioned, and only one that may be at most, three-factioned. Be reminded that Divergent characters can be both Allegiant and regular faction members.

Also remember, your limit of character spots are five allegiant characters and ten regular character spots. These spots may be swapped. For example, if you want ten allegiant spots and five regular character spots, you should notify an admin, so the admin does the required changes. Thank You.

Special Faction Jobs

In all the factions, there are special jobs, they all have a leader, who is as well a Second-in-Command Faction Leader.

A user may only have three characters with special jobs, and only one per faction. Another requirement is to be approved by ONLY and admin. They must also have a recommendation letter from either another Special Job Worker or a Leader but from the same faction. You may NOT use another's person WB for recommendations. If we catch you doing it,you will have a week ban from the wiki.

There is two jobs per faction. Both of these stores are ran by a second-in-command leader, of which will have the second-in-command store employee. If any leader of that faction steps down or has revoked titles, the second-in commands must go under several challenges to see which one gets the leadership.

God Modding and Meta-Gaming

God Modder's have been a huge pain in the neck, since roleplay was invented. We take God Modding seriously, as well as Meta-Gaming. It can annoy other users who want to do the role-play at a steady pace, and not all quick and controlling.

Nobody is perfect, to begin. Your character doesn't have to be the best. Some people maky not be light when God-Modding or/and Meta-Gaming happens. Many things can be classified as God Modding or/and Meta-Gaming. For example, putting words in other oc's mouths, acting for them or even pretending you know the other character, even if it's your first time role-playing. So please, don't God Mod.

User Inactivity and Activity

If you're a rollback, admin or Bcrat and you're gone for 15+ days with no activity to prove that you're active, you may be revoked of your titles. To do that, though, a vote must be made by the active admins, rollbacks and bcrats.

Leaders and Special Jobs (Inactivity)

If you go 7+ days with no proof of activity, you will be messaged by an admin, warning you of the situation. If you go 8 more days with no activity and you have a leader character, your character will be stripped off their seat of power, which is the leadership or special job. You have three more days before your characters are archived and can no longer be roleplayed. Once you come back and you want your character's seat of power, you must challenge it back or wait for one of the leaders to either step down or get their titles revoked due to inactivity. If you have a character with a special job and you want it back, you will have to begin from scratch once again.

Of course, to do that you must message an admin and get your characters un-archived. DO NOT under ANY circumstance, roleplay your characters if they are archived.

Planned Inactivity

If you know in advance that you will be inactive for a certain amount of time, contact an administrator and let them know so they don't classify your characters as inactive and revoke their titles, as well as seat of power (if any of them have).

Innapropiate Language

You may not use innapropiate language anywhere, not on posts, not on forums, not on chat. If you use a swear word without these -->*. You will get a warning.


No photos with stamped copyrights and/or logos. If it is not clearly seen, then ok, but if it is like covering 30% of the image, then, nope. Also, we should not need to write this rule, but we will anyways: NO nudity, or private parts. Shirtless boys and women with a LITTLE of cleavage, OK. But full-on breasts, or private parts without clothes over them, NOT OK, or even with clothes on top, but not leaving anything to the imagination, NOT OK, again. If a user posts an image of this type, he/she will be permanently blocked from the wiki.


The user can pick any model, recognizable or not. The thing is, you have to check that nobody is using that model. If someone is, please contact the user BEFORE using the model. If the user using the model does not want to share, you are required to change the model.

Another thing is that only three users can share the same model. This will be checked every time a character is made, just so we admins are sure everything is going fine.

If this becomes too much of a problem, the admin team will gladly prohibit shared models and you'll just have to find a different model for every character.


Chat is one of the fastest and best ways of communicating in the wiki. Please, no cyberbullying, swear words, rude manners or spamming. Please do not continue on topics that a person specifically asks you to stop talking about.


A character may be put up for adoption at any time. You may adopt characters just by asking to the user. If you want to, just go to the Adoption List and write the char's name in the list, add the {{Adoption|user name} } template to their page. After that, either fix your character in the Character List yourself, or message an Admin for help. Do not roleplay them any more once they are adopted, since they are no longer yours, and will not count as yours under your character slots. If they are leaders and you give them up for adoption, they will no longer have their power. You may put a character for adoption any day, but no more than 3 characters up for adoption at a time.


When there are discussions, there is no better way to solve them than by voting AKA Democracy. Most of the votes are for Divergents or up (Refer to user levels). Although, there might be votes just for Rollbacks or higher positions. So please, if you are not in the admin team, refrain yourself from making votes or comments in the admin team votes. Thank You.


Don't get confused, you can have more than one account, maybe as a backup or for any reason, but it will be treated as yourself at all times, meaning, no double voting, or any use of the other account/s in an innapropiate way, since if you do, it will be an automatic permanent block from the wiki, for both accounts.



Always sign when needed. In votings, debates, and other things in the wiki. Please use proper coding and appropiate text/images. It is better to have a not-so-colorful signature, than to have a code deformation that destroys all the other coding in its wake.


Depending on the gravity of the Policy you broke, you will have warnings. If you break a policy that its punishment is not very severe, you will first get a verbal warning by an admin. Three verbal warnings count as 1 OFFICIAL warning. If you break an important policy, you will get as well an OFFICIAL warning. Some policies when broken result in automatic permanent block. At two OFFICIAL warnings, you will be blocked from 1-3 weeks, depending on the severity of your faults. At three OFFICIAL warnings, or by breaking a really important policy, you will be automatically PERMANENTLY blocked from the wiki.


For the Allegiant, you will NOT go through the aptitude test. You'll simply write in the history why the character was raised to hate the factions and then, you shall be accepted by the leader and then by one of the five other leaders (The leader of the section you were placed in). Of course, this goes under the aptitude test page, depending the age.

If the character you want to be in Allegiant is in Dauntless, for example, then you go to the special jobs requesting page, and fill the form out. Remember, an allegiant character DOES NOT count as one of the special jobs character. You have 10 factions characters (3 of Which can have special jobs) and 5 allegiant characters.