Name: Paul Valentine

Age: 22


Chosen Faction: Candor

Faction Born in: Erudite

Factions: Candor, Erudite

Job: Initiate/Divergent


He may be a smarty pants while telling the truth sometimes. He can be EXTREMELY annoying if he doesn't like you, but if he does, you're friends with one of the most sarcastic, yet outgoing person. He is very neat as a person and likes wearing top clothes. He is cocky, but not to the point of being stressing. He also is very flirty and stuff. He will never let you down if he trusts you.


Claire and Jonathon Winters had a kid in a cold Winter night. When he was born, he was this cute kid that everybody loved and wanted to be around. But as he started to grow and build up his personality, he would start to rebel. Not in a typical "Dauntless Style" kind of rebel, but he wouldn't obey his parents.


Probably he was too truthful, he said the truth even when you didn't even want to hear it. Weird enough, he didn't like Candors. All his life he had been a rebel, but the time came to take what it was his. The consequence time came, all of his life seemed to turn upside down: teachers would never believe him, his only brother hated him, and his parents didn't even talk to him.

So he started to get along with the populars, and funny enough, one of them was a Candor, who after some time, became Paul's best friend. They would go to watch movies and play videogames. He was older than him and when the Sptitude tests came, he chose Dauntless. Since then, Paul has never seen him, but he left a big footprint in his life. Now, he needed to choose if to stay home, where his bad reputation followed him everywhere, or to go Candor and start a new life, like he always had wanted.

Guess his actions would've talk more than he did.


Throwing knives and a pistol.

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