Name: Nick Autré

Nick Silver7

Age: 21

Chosen Faction: Pristine

Faction Born in: Fervor


He is very positive and sometimes even a happy-go-lucky guy. However, he is very strict and obedient to his leaders and people who have a higher position than him. His feelings are pure, he doesn't like seeing people suffering, and likes helping people. However he is not as alone as the past Leader. He is fairly funny and sociable.


Nick Silver3

He was born to a fun and free family: Jenna and Nicholas Autré. He was the first kid that they had, and the last one really... When Jenna got positive result in her pregnant test, Nicholas escaped. Such a Fervor. When she conceived, she named Nick after his father, so she would never forget him. She didn't.

Nick was never a really smart guy, nor fun really; he never got good grades. However, for his tender age, he was always wise and knew what to do when the situation needed it, and almost always he chose the right choice.

Since people liked his looks, he would often be invited by the Fervor and Dauntless kids' parties at school, but he wasn't popular. He concentrated more in achieving his goals. He was often bullied for being very skinny when he was 13, so he started to work out and got in shape as he couldn't stand it any more, which made girls like him even better, however he wasn't interested just then. He really didn't think about changing faction, not that he liked his current faction, but he didn't mind at all. Nevertheless he did feel as if he didn't quite fit in Fervor, he was going to discover where he did fit.


A shotgun and a butterfly knife as a secondary weapon.

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