Max Grey
The Black Wolf
Owned by: Jay Sea

“You can take my life, but you'll never break me.So bring me your worst...And I will definitely give you mine.”
Full Name: Maxima Grey
Age: 16
Faction: Dauntless
Faction Born In: Dauntless
Job: Initiate

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman

If I’m alive and well, will you be there a-holding my hand

I’ll keep you by my side with my superhuman might

- Three Doors Down


Fiery, loyal, compassionate, crazy smart, outgoing, vicious and ruthless when someone messes with her buddies.She has a lot of attitude and is very confrontational (not to mention her dark, gory side). She enjoys a fair fight (ex.: she never attacks from behind). Max always tries to keep her emotions in (as in sadness, love, etc.), but when she is extremely mad or extremely sad, they show. Despite her bad@$$ façade, she really has a kind heart. She loves kittens and puppies and hanging out with her mom. She doesn't mind showing off for girls, but she considers herself relatively modest.


Guns and Knives



Max was born to Sarah, a Dauntless, and Mikael, a Fervor. As this was not...a standard pairing, it was kept secret, even from Max--until recently.

Max grew up like most Dauntless-born: insane. She always enjoyed testing her limits, like waiting until the train was going fast and seeing how fast she could sprint to catch it or playing the don't-flinch game with her friends. She's always thought that all the factions have their merits, but her favorites have always been Dauntless and Fervor. From the first time she learned about the factions, she knew she would pick one of those two.

So she conditioned herself for them. Every day she exercised and practiced, honing each of her skills until they were 99% reliable--because perfection is not possible. She is a great sprinter and distance runner, her aim is exceptional, and she can more than hold her own in a fight. Some people laughed at her training and didn't think she was actually any good--but she fixed that. When someone doubted her, she asked them if they'd like to see for themselves, and if they accepted they got their ass kicked. (Max was very small up until her recent growth spurt.) Except for one: her least favorite not-friend challenged her, and almost won. She took mercy on Max and pulled her off the train tracks before the train ran her over. (That's how Max got the scar.) Max developed a great respect for this girl...and also a bit of a crush.

Max aspires to be a Dauntless leader, Fervor Runner, and maybe a classy stripper in her spare time.

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