Logan Sear

Name: Logan Jonathan Sear

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Age: 19

Chosen Faction: Erudite

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Faction Born in: Dauntless

Job: Erudite Leader


Logan Sear -Erudite Leader · Former Dauntless
Age= 19 Status= Single
Height= 6'00" Weight= 152 lb

 "Some infinities are bigger than others" John Green

"Never underestimate people. Underestimating them is overestimating you, which won't help your pride"


Being from a dauntless family, he's not scared to take risks, which gives him two options, either a real good consequence, or one in which he need to pay dearly. He may be flirty sometimes, but not to the point of desesperation. He's  smart, no like typical erudite, which he will be soon enough, but very smart for a dauntless born.


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Viktoria and James Sear were always a happy couple. Being dauntless-born, there was no problem with them staying in the same faction an then marrying. If there wasn't any problem with that, then having children wouldn't either. So they had 2; James Junior, Logan's older brother, and 3 years later they conceived Logan. Somehow Viktoria got sick and had a lot problems while pregnant. So many problems that when Logan was born, she died.

James got very depressed and angry, and since he couldn't blame anyone else, he blamed Logan for Viktoria's death. So he always treated James Jr. better than him. However, Logan and James Jr. were really good friends. When Logan was 13, the Aptitude Test was applied to James. James chose Amity. The next three years were horrible for Logan. James would always treat him badly.

Since then, he decided that he would definitely change from faction. When he turned sixteen he went to take his aptitude test.
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Throwing Knives hidden in his jacket that he always uses.