Lily Richardson
Smart mouth
Owned by: Nerdylove

Whatever you are, be a good one
Full Name: Lily Evangeline Richardson
Age: 16
Faction: Erudite
Faction Born In: Candor
Job: Erudite initiate

Haters gonna hate

Lily is currently a happy Erudite transfer.

Bubbly and flirtatious, yet VERY smart. Has trouble fitting in to her home faction as she lies to help other people feel better. She still has traits of the faction, such as liking being told the truth, and telling the truth in cases when some people wouldn't.


A pocketknife, for defence


Lily's parents, Bailey and Erin, hated Lily. She lied to her mother, and her parents were were furious. Soon afterwards, the beating started. Her parents beat her if she left her room when guests were around. They beat her if she was late home from school. They beat her when they were angry, and she hadn't even done anything wrong. and above all, they beat her if she lied.

School became her escape. She had no Candor friends, as they might tell her parents that she was friends with them, being Candor. Instead she had Erudite friends. She tied with them on tests, she got their jokes, she was Erudite in all ways but one.

But one day, three weeks before the choosing ceremony, her parents found out she had told her friends about the beating, and beat her until she was unconscious. they threw her out of the house and told her to live factionless. She refused, instead going to the abnegation leaders and telling them about her parents.

She lived with a different Candor family, Jillian and Kyle Mackenzie, for the next three weeks, as her parents were now factionless, as a punishment for child abuse. The bruises are fading.

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