Name: Lexi Read


Age: 19

Chosen Faction: Fervor

Faction Born in: Candor

Job: Pristine Leader


Lexi is a bad ass girl. She hates to be told what to do and always needs to have her life perfect.. She loves to help take care of people and loves to put up a good fight. She hates to see people get bullied and always stands up for the people who cant do it them selves


Lexi was born to Ryan and Hayley Reed on a cool winter day of December 18. Growing up for Lexi was kinda hard especially since she was a dauntless born child. Her parent had her train alot and by the end of each day she was exhausted. When she wasn't training she would play with her friends.

When Lexi started school she was very popular and smart. But sincee she was popular she had to kinda act dumb when she was around her friends or around someone that she liked. She would always be asked out by pristine men but all of them were anything but perfect so she turned them down. One day she finally said yes to one and went on a date she stayed pretty late and was caught by her parents. She was beaten to the point to were she couldn't stand.

She begged for forgivness and the next day when she came back form school her parent once again tried to hit her. Lexi from having so much training defended her self and ran out the house. She ran to another Dauntless member and told him everything. when she was about 20 she went out to live on her own since she was to old to be put into foster care. She lived a year up till the day she took her test. she loved the Dauntless but wanted to have more of a perfect life so she had to be Pristine.

Lexi Reed ~ Fervor Member


A Gold Whip