Kenneth Mason

Name: Kenneth Mason


Age: 19

Chosen Faction: Allegiant

Faction Born in: Erudite

Factions: Dauntless, Abnegation (Divergent).


He is normally sweet and caring, but if he gets to know you, either he will protect you, even with his own life, or hate you and do all the possible things to annoy you and make your life as difficult as possible, which is one of his greatest talents, since he is very social and can make people make him favors quite easily.

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Ken Mason -Divergent, Allegiant Second Rank Leader
Age= 19 Status= Single
Height= 5'10" Weight= 151 lb Factions= Dauntless, Abnegation, Divergent

 "Bravery isn't a matter of being bold. It is about making the right choice"

His face serious. He then looks at you "Hello, there."


His parents being Erudite, he was all his life brainwashed with learning things, but although he did like them, he had more things to think about than just knowledge. He would sneak out of his house and make company to a friend of his that was Dauntless. They would play all day, and he would learn more and more from the Dauntless culture.

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Days, months and years went by. In school he was semi-popular. But his parents noticed his mischievous acts, so they punished him. His friend stayed in Dauntless after his test, since he was older. But the Erudite child still wanted to become dauntless.

So the day of the aptitude test was coming by. He would study extra hard for school, since he still loved learning.  He was very social and had friends who he helped if they needed help, but he also loved action. He still didn't know which faction he was going to fit in. Maybe none.


Twin daggers (One per hand) and a small gun.

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