Katherine Winters
3rd rank Supreme Leader
Owned by: ~The Musician~

Full Name: Katherine Winters
Age: 18
Faction: Dauntless
Faction Born In: Candor.
Job: Dauntless Member


Katrina is currently living with her friend Sapphire Smith somewhere near the Allegiant HQ. She is the leader of the 3rd rank and can usually be found at her house or exploring. She spends alot of her time mostly in the city spying on soilders or keeping an eye on Nick a man she recently fell for.

Katrina is a fun loving girl. she like to go out with her friends and she loves to be bad ass (lol). Most of the time she hides her emotions well but on very rare occasions she lets them overcome her. She hate candor for there big mouths and that is also where she was beaten. Katrina can seem very rude and bitchy but that is just her way of protecting herself from everyone.

A set of throwing knifes

Weapon Images

Clarity born on june 20. Her parents names were fred and lucy Havens. She had a pretty good child hood. She played with her friends and tried her best to always tell the truth. However Clarity wasn't much of a truth teller she was more of a fighter. So whenher parents found out she was lie they began to beat her and tried to "Fix" Her but, Clarity wasnt just going to give in.

When Clarity Started school she was very popular and very smart. She was proble the smartest non Erudite kid in the school. She loved to hang out with her friends and she also loved to break the rules. Since Candor was apart of Clarity's Nature she got herself in alot of troble with teachers which caused her parents to beat her even more. Clarity everyday after school would go to a field no one ever went to and trained. Her parents really didnt care since they didnt like her so she stayed there for hours training.

One day when Clarity got home her father was very mad. Clarity didnt know why but, her father did plan on beating her. She was so tired of it so when her dad came at her she moved out the way and hit him in the back of his head with so much force she knocked him out cold. The mother was to afraid to go after Clarity so Clarity ran out the house and called child survices on her parents. Her parents were taken away and Clarity lived with a Dauntless couple that used to help her train.