Name: Jonah Kings


Age: 24

Chosen Faction: Dauntless

Faction Born in: Amity

Job: Dauntless Leader


Still in his Dauntless days, he still has some selflessness for other people, but not to the point of Divergence. He is sweet and caring and will laugh with you as long as he can. He hates bullies and coldhearted people. He loves people that are funny and loyal. If you are loyal to him, he will never let you down.


William and Theresa Jones were humble farmers in the Amity compound. Their families were quite strict with marrying before the proper age, however, in an affair that turned out to be not as expected, Theresa got pregnant at the tender age of 16. They got married before anyone knew what had happened. 

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When Jonah was born, everything turned impossible for Theresa. She couldn't finish school, and she had to make her Aptitude Test with a baby at home. Although she loved the baby more than she had ever loved someone. She knew she wouldn't be able to take care of him for long, so he took him for foster care.

He got adopted by a 26 year old Abnegation man, who never got married, whom his name was Philip Kings. He took care of Jonah as if he were his own son, which in almost all the senses, he was. Jonah grew up in a peaceful environment and he dreamt of a better future. 

At the age of 12 he he would volunteer daily to help people. One of those days, he found his mother, and she kidnapped him. After a year of looking for him, Philip finally found him with the help of a pair of Dauntless cops. Theresa was put in jail for  infant kidnapping.

Jonah would visit her frequently and bring her food. They would talk as long as they were permitted. When he was 15, his mother got ill and suddenly died, not from the illness, but from a heart attack. He grieved for over two months, and without thinking about it, the day of the Aptitude Test got up to him.


A small crossbow that turns pocket-size.