Name: Jean Paige


Age: 16

Chosen Faction: Dauntless

Faction Born in: Erudite

Job: Dauntless Artist


Jean is free and fearless. She doesn't care what people think about her, she just does whatever she feels like. She is beautiful, but doesn't like showing it. She may be a bit of a tomboy, but it is just because since little, she got along mostly with boys than girls. She loves video games and sports, however she mostly dresses fancily or wears make up, especially  when she has a crush on a guy. She is very proper most times, but also rude other times. She is shy when she likes a guy.



Jasmine and Hector Paige were a happy couple and had Jean on a warm Spring midday. Since small, she never was never very girly. She liked to be with guys and enjoyed their company. Mostly either Fervor and Dauntless, which, obviously, normally got her into trouble frequently. She also learnt how to endure pain and hated to read or study at all.


She didn't consider herself as brave sometimes, but she was fearless, and she would face anything in her way, no matter what that was. She would always fulfill any goal she out into herself. Her parents weren't disappointed when she said she would probably change from faction. They even supported her, because they really did love her no matter what. "Faction before Blood" rule present or not.

On the day of her Aptitude Test, she was ready and she knew what was most probable for her to get.


Spear and searing Ring she always wears.

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