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Dauntless Supreme Leader
Owned by: ~The Musician~



Pure living is a lifestyle, Not a one time thing
Full Name: Clarity Elizabeth Havens
Age: 18
Faction: Amity
Faction Born In: Dauntless
Job: Pristine Member

My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure

To the casual observer Jasper seems like an arrogant, rude, and distant person. He tends to speak what he thinks which can sometimes cause a bit of a problem with other people. With the many beatings from his step father and when his step father killed both his mother and girlfriend Jasper doesn't like to open up to many people or talk about his past. He tends to keep to himself and focus on supreme dauntless leader things. Aside from everything that was just said Jasper can't help himself but to feel protective over the younger dauntless members and will sometimes go to help them train in the training grounds.


A set of throwing knifes

Parents Meeting:

There are many fascinating and wonderful ways for people to meet and fall in love but, for Jenny Gates and Hunter Reeves it was more of a basic story. It all started when Hunter Reeves happened to walk into the dauntless Training ground and saw a beautiful young women throwing knifes at some targets. The young women was very good which caused Hunter to find an intrest in her. As he walked over to the lady and started up a conversation he soon found out her name was jenny Gates and that she was a new transfer initiate. From that momnet on the two spent more and more time together and after years of date the two got married and had a child. The child's name was Jasper Reeves.

Early childhood:

Jasper Reeves grew up fairly normal for a dauntless kid. When he was 2 he started to walk and speak in small short sentences. by the age of 3 he could talk much more and was making friends with the other dauntless members. By the age of 5 Jasper's father was sadly killed in a battle against the allegiant. This event cause Jasper to stray away from his friends and become much more rude. He obtained a very bad attitude and once starting school he caused a lot of trouble. Jasper never really cared for his grades and never really made friends.

Teenage years:

As jasper went through the years of school he only made a few friends that he actually opens up to. When he was around the age of 13 his mother Jenny re-married to a man Jasper hated. The man's name was Alex Kingsly and he at first he was a noce guy but, once his and Jenny married he began to beat her when he got annoyed or frusterated. Jasper being at a young age couldn't really do much so he stayed quiet and at nights he would cover his ears so he wouldn't hear anything. One day when Jasper was 14 he finally found someone he could open all the way up to and this person was a girl. Her name was Natalie. Natalie and Jasper grew closer and closer as they dated and the two were practically inseparable.

Finally when Jasper's life seemed to be getting back to normal something bad had to come along and ruin everything. At the age of 15 Jasper had brought over Natalie to his house and on this day Alex had been beating Jenny like he normally did. As Jasper watch Alex beat his mother something in his mind clicked. Jasper pounc toward Alexs and the two began fist fight. Jasper being smaller than the man was pushed off and throw across the room. Alex who as now holding a gun to jasper smirked and instead of pulling the trigger on Jasper he pulled it on the one thing Jasper loved most, Natalie. Jasper cried out as he watched his girlfriend fall to the floor dead and his mother was next. He rose from the floor and was determined to save his mother but was to slow and watched as the life in his mother's eyes faded. Jasper was heart broken. He then looked over to Alex and blacked out.

after a few hours jasper finally came to and opened up his eyes only to see Alex being taken away by the dauntless police. He wasn't sure what had happened but as he was being led to an ambulance he heard people whispering about how they had seen Jasper beating the living crap out of Alex. A small smile formed on his face as he heard the whispers but soon remembered the death of his mother and girlfriend. The smile faded and he fell asleep.

Taking The Test:

about a year had passed since his mothers and girlfriend's death. Jasper was now living in a foster home located in the Dauntless faction and was still the same rude distant kid. He had no friends and no family.... he was all alone. Once reaching the age of 16 Jasper decided to take his test and chose the dauntless faction because he wanted to protect other people from being hurt like he was. Months past and Jasper past his initiate training and was top of his class. later on once jasper had been in the dauntless faction for years, now 18 years old, he was elected to be supreme leader after the last one left.

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