Jason Valentine
Fervor Leader
Owned by: ~The Musician~

Full Name: Jason Valentine
Age: 18
Faction: Fervor
Faction Born In: Dauntless
Job: Fervor Leader


General Status

Jason is a quiet fervor member. He likes to party and drink but usually keeps to himself. He loves to venture outside the fence and loves to hang out with the few friends that he has. If you start talking to him he will talk back and open up to you. He is also very sweet and quiet a gentalmen

A Silver Whip

Weapon Images

Jason Valentine was born on August 20th. His parents were justin and maya Valentine and he loved them with all his heart. While growing up Jason was kinda shy He would talk to some people that he thought were nice but didnt talk to the populars. While not at home Jason would always go outside the fence through a hole he found.

One day when he went to go throught the hole again he saw some people fixing it and got really sad. he had nothing else to do really and when he couldnt adventure anymore he started to party and to drink. Jason wasn't an Achoholic or anything he just enjoyed drinking some bears or taking acouple shots. Later on jason kinda grew out of his shy shell and made more friends but, It was still hard for him.

One day at schoolwhen jason turned 17 jason was envited to a party and jason was pretty excited since he never really got invited anywhere. when he got there tho the party which was in the Fervor faction was out of control. The host who was a slightly close friend of Jason asked for help. jason then began to host the party sending some of the drunks home and hide some of the achohol. after 3 hours of partying he party ended. about 2 years when jason turn 19 he new from the day he hosted that party he wanted to go to the Fervor faction.