Hello there! This is where you make a claim for an initiate character! Look at other claims before making your own, so you know how this claiming works, as it's diferrent from other regular wikia claimings. First, make your char's word bubble, then the claim and LASTLY the page. Thanks!


Type your character's name in the empty space and then click "Take the Test" to start your test.
Unprocessed Tests

These are claims that are on hold, WIPs or have yet to be edited by a member of the Test Workers.
Character Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Aptitude Test/Alicia WolfCeasley09:49, May 20, 2017Ceasley
Aptitude Test/Melody SingerDaughterOfTheLostOne01:06, September 17, 2016DaughterOfTheLostOne
Aptitude Test/Xael EdwardSummer June10:58, July 2, 2016Summer June
Aptitude Test/Hector PrestonFarctated Cat15:32, January 2, 2016Farctated Cat
Aptitude Test/Belle MillsBelle Mills15:45, November 25, 2015Belle Mills
Aptitude Test/Faith Giovanna HunterNat2502:53, November 11, 2015A Son of Hades

Inconclusive Tests
The tests that are active, and currently are being worked on.
Character Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By

Conclusive Tests
Character Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Aptitude Test/Edmund TravelerYorkieWolf04:33, July 13, 2015DrXax
Aptitude Test/Michael FallowTechno Bacon20:33, March 20, 2015Techno Bacon
Aptitude Test/Lily RichardsonNerdylove05:36, January 23, 2015Nerdylove
Aptitude Test/Jenny JungTheawesomeperson20201:32, January 23, 2015~The Musician~
Aptitude Test/Christian CliffTimeLord1503:23, January 8, 2015DrXax
Aptitude Test/Evan AlexanderTimeLord1522:52, January 6, 2015DrXax
Aptitude Test/Alannis StrideTessaamara21:00, November 25, 2014Tessaamara
Aptitude Test/Max GreyJay Sea12:26, November 18, 2014DrXax
Aptitude Test/Jean PaigeDrXax14:09, November 15, 2014DrXax
Aptitude Test/Eleanor MastersC.allista02:06, November 8, 2014DrXax
Aptitude Test/Hayes BrooksShayMill23:08, October 27, 2014DrXax
Aptitude Test/Kenneth MasonDrXax16:11, September 14, 2014DrXax

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Your Results are Conclusive

Updated Divergent Universe Conclusive

The test concluded that you shall be a member of of 'faction'. But that's not the end of it! You now need to make a page for your character. When you finish that, add your Character's name in its faction and then role play with the character that you just made.


Denied Tests
Character Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Aptitude Test/Krystal Rose108.192.104.19516:02, March 18, 2015Carnarvan