Hayes Lochlan Brooks
[[File:Tumblr miojdgodUp1s4rjqso1 500|210px|]]
Vital statistics
Name Hayes Lochlan Brooks
Age 16
Birth Faction Abnegation
Current Faction Dauntless
Position Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6 Foot 2 inches
Weight Unknown
Weapon Dagger

Hayes was born the first of four children to Victoria and Kendal Brooks, they had recently married one year before his birth. From his birthhe was the apple of their eye, showing early signs of being a good Abnegation member, he helped his parents when they went down to feed the factionless. He approached a old man carrying a small package of food and some socks and gloves that Abnegation had been preparing, the man kindly accepted the package from the two year old boy. The following month, he was present at the birth of his younger brother, Kit Brooks, who looked very much like Hayes, it would be the following months that would probably effect him for the rest of his life.

The Brooks family had recently returned home with Kit, they had all settled in when a terrible tradegy reeked their lives. Reportedly, Hayes had been sent to his bed with a fever where he was sleeping, the family doctor had been called out to see what was wrong with him. The doctor informed the family he had contracted a genetic disease from his father's side, it was a wasting illness that threatened to end his life. He was bedridden for six months, in that time, his father had developed the disease too. Hayes had began to get through, showing signs of recovery when his father was diagonsed. Hayes had now celebrated his fourth birthday, he had forced himself from his bed, with the help of his mother to visit his father who was now on life support in hospital. Hayes was by his fathers side when he passed, he was only twenty-six years old. 

His family moved homes due to the death, finding that the house held to many memories. They moved across the street where he began to become close friends with his next door neighbor, Catherine or his nickname for her, little-one. They have remained friends ever since. Together they began school, being the same age, they were in pretty much every class together, they made friends with Nash Fitzgerald, a boy with shaggy dirty blonde hair. He pretty much led the rest of his life like normal teenage boy of Abnegation, he helped his mother when visiting the factionless, he even used to visit her government office when she became a member. He showed affection towards Catherine, though Abnegation found kissing selfish, they would do it in secret when they began a relationship at fourteen, they are still together today.

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