Name: Gina Faris

Arcadia Holland

Age: 19

Chosen Faction:Amity

Faction Born in: Amity

Job: Amity Leader


She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, she' fun and outgoing, but at first, she will be shy. Her trust is very difficult to gain, but once she trusts you, she will never let you alone or doubt you.

==History== Diana and Frederick Faris were a peaceful young couple that had Gina in a damp August noon. Since little, she would play with the wild jackrabbits that wandered through the garden in her house. She had a strong connection with nature. She would love to smell and plant flowers.

When she got to school, she was shy since she didnt know anyone, but everyone seemed to like her, since, when she got to talk to people, she was fairly ougoing, though, she never got to be in th group of the so called "populars".

When she was 16, her father got very sick from a terminal disease. They treated him as best as she and her mom could, but some weeks later, he died. She grieved for months, but after quite some time, she got to be her old self, keeping her father in her heart.

Now she was to show it.


Being Amity, she soes not have weapons, yet, she knows how to defend herself.

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