"There's no such thing as boring. We believe in different levels of amusement and entertainment. You just have to determine which level you are."
Virtue: Amusement, Adventure
Role: Bartenders, Dealers, D.J.'s, Strippers, Entertainers, Runners
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Welcome to the metropolis of Chicago, a busy area with many many places to fulfill your many entertainment needs. Whether it'd be casinos, strip clubs, night clubs, or stores, we've got it! Our faction is home to the proud Fervors. We are the adventurous ones that love the thrill, and we are party loving people! Whether you are adventurous, flirty, or just want to have fun, we've got something for you! If you are adventurous, you'd do well as a runner. If you're a flirt or looking for some "pleasure", you'd make a great bartender, singer, or stripper! If that's not the right place for you, we've got many more. Just naming a few things that you could also be, a D.J., a dealer, or the owner of your very own fasion store. Out of all of the five factions, I can say that we're hands down the fun crowd, certainly the Erudites aren't. Not to mention we're the ones who yearn the feeling of adventure. And please don't ever confuse us with Dauntless, they're nothing but a bunch of babies. All they ever do is pretend that they are so brave, when deep inside they're nothing but cowards for not accepting the fact that nobody can ever be brave. Do yourself a favor and join us, you won't regret it!

Faction Leader

  1. Piper Hollande

Second-in-command Faction Leaders

  1. Rosaline Vaucan
  2. Quinn Parker

Faction Members

  1. Jenny Jung

Dead Or Gone

  1. Candice Lovejoy


  2. Devon Calder

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We need the most fun or/and adventurous crowd.

  1. No causing fights with other faction members. Members of other factions included.
  2. Take initiation process very serious, even if you want to be just a bartender.
  3. Respect every single leader of yours.
  4. The initiates are separated during the initiation. Fervor born in one side, and transfers in another.
  5. You may not request to be a runner/mapmaker, as you may only be one with the recommendation letter of another leader. Even then, the Runners' leader, Misho Carter Lee must be the one to approve and let you in. This counts even if you came first on initiation.
  6. Initiation is separated into three parts. The physical, the mental, the emotional and Fervor's favorite, the one that shows you how things work!
  7. Initiation begins with the physical, which prepares you for the worst case scenario. Especially since we work with Battle Strategies. This part also teaches you the ways of survival in case you become a runner.
  8. After that comes the mental. The mental part makes sure you can go void of emotion when the time is needed and can focuse easily.
  9. The third part of the initiation is where you learn what to do and how to work in Fervor. You learn how everything works and you practice in every job of Fervor's. Including runners and mapmakers, except you don't get to go out the fence. You go there through a simulation. The point of this part is to encourage you to do well in the last stage of initiation.
  10. Emotional training is the last part of initiation. The emotional teaches you how to keep all emotions under control. It helps you how to react once you face certain things.
  11. Those not in the five top places, usually end up as bartenders or other things related and rarely get any recommendation letter. Those in the top five usually end up as a battle strategist. Those who are the best in the physical and emotional training have more probabilities to end up as a runner/mapmaker, but sometimes fail to succeed in the training, ending up as either a strategist or a bartender, stripper, etc...
  12. Try getting a higher rank, as you'll end up with a better job.
  13. As part of Fervor tradition, one day in every part of training where there's no training, the initiates get to have a relaxing night in a club.

Faction Information

Faction Leader


Second-in-command Leaders

Hello there. Minho here! I'm the Leader of Runners and Mapmakers. You should do you're best in initiation. I mean, who knows? You might get a recommendation letter and I could or could not pick you. Remember, I'm always watching. I'm everywhere and nowhere at the same time.Runners don't stop until they get what they want. And we... we might want you. Minho out.