Young blonde


Name: Emily Ross

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Erudite

Desired Faction: Fervor

Least Desired Faction: Pristine

Current Age: 11


Emily is very smart but strangely, in the minds of Erudite, doesn't want to be an Erudite when she turns sixteen. She is considerate and her friends call her 'an Amity at heart'. But Emily doesn't want to be an Amity, she wants to be in Fervor because she is very fun-loving.


Emily's parents weren't the most accepting. They were overconfident that Emily would be the perfect Erudite child and when she was born they were disappointed. But they still love Emily anyways. As a child, Emily had always admired the Fervor and the Dauntless because they were such free spirits. Emily had always thought the Erudite expected every Erudite to be super smart and that was it. Emily had always yearned for the time to pass until her Choosing Day.

As an eleven year old girl, Emily wasn't depended on very much because she was a kid. Nobody expected a little girl to have good Erudite ideas. And anyway, the Erudite knew Emily and knew of her fun-loving spirit, which made them dislike her ideas even more. Emily didntt fit in with the Erudite kids because they were always testing their smarts or trying to answer Jeopardy questions before the contestants.

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Young blonde

Emily Ross Erudite

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Well, you've met me and you don't want to mess with me.

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