Emily Beilschmidt
Allegiant Lieutenant


Born February 27
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Weapons Whichever is handy
Faction None, formerly Erudite
Greatest Fear Betrayal


FC:Kate Mara

Positive Adjectives: WIP Negative Adjectives: WIP


"""I remember it now - Berlin, that is. I wish I didn't; the way they handled it was shameful, destructive and maliciously intended. Barely making it out alive was something I remember distinctly, being thrown backwards by the force of a detonation, smacking into the rubble. If the escapees hadn't found me unconscious, the dent the rock made would have killed me for sure. The English; the very same that were destroying us, taking away the targeted to America."

"When I woke up, I did not know who I was, and I was with a girl that spoke a tongue I could not interpret. And I myself - why was I spouting gibberish? I was American, was I not - or at least that is what they claimed. Another needle, and calm English came from me as if it were natural. Apparently we were cousins, and we came from a faction - Erudite, apparently. They'd found us out of the boundaries and were returning us home. Another needle. Ah, yes, everything was clear, a spot of forgetfulness. Haha, how silly of me..."


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