Elliot Rivers
Member of Amity
Owned by: ~The Musician~

Full Name: Elliot Rivers
Age: 17
Faction: Amity
Faction Born In: Erudite
Job: Amity Member


General Status
Elliot is living a good life in the Amity faction. He loves helping some of the older people with there farming and loves telling the kids stories. Elliot can sually be found around the Amity HQ, The farming ground either farming or reading a book or drawing under a shady tree.

Elliot is a kind guy. He hate violence but if he were to ever need to do something to protect the ones he loves he would. Elliot loves to read, write and Draw. Although he is a kind and sweet guy he is broken inside because his parents died in a horrible car accident so now he feels alone.

A set of throwing knifes

Weapon Images

Elliout rivers was born from Destiny and Charles Rivers two member of the Erudite Faction. When Elliot was jst born his mother and father were driving home from the hospital. While doing so a truck Smashed into the front of the car killing both Destiny and Charles Rivers. Luckly Elliot survived the crash and was fond by an Amity couple. The amity couple called the police and ambulance and then decided to take Elliot in as there own.

While Elliot was growing up he had no idea that the amity couple that he called mom and dad weren't really that. The Couple whos names were Fate and Kyle King thought they would tell him when he was older. Elliot was a good person growing up. He was always nice to everyone and made sure everyone around him was happy. Becase of this Elliot had many friends. He loved to hang out with them and party with them.

On his 15 birthday Elliot's Adoptive parents told him about his real parents. Elliot was really shocked at the news bt didn't get mad at his adoptive parent. However since that day he always felt out of place with his adoptive parent like he didnt belong. He went on with his life with his adoptive parents and his friends and 2 years later when he turned 17 he was ready to take the test.