Elizabeth Smoke
Pristine Member
Owned by: ~The Musician~

Full Name: Elizabeth
Age: 18
Faction: Pristine
Faction Born In: Pristine
Job: Pristine Member


Elizabeth is currently stay in the Pristine faction with her fellow Pristine members. She has already completed her Initiate training and is now a full member of the Pristine Community. Elizabeth can usually be found in her own faction or Sneaking into the Fervor Faction where she loves to party.

At a young age Elizabeth was a happy and fun girl however when her parents were falsly acused of a crime and taken away from her Elizabeth grew up to be distant. She doesn't like to speak to anyone outside the Pristine faction with the exception of sneaking out to the Fervor faction for parties.

A set of throwing knifes

Weapon Images

It was May 4 1999 when Elizabeth Smoke was born to her 2 parents Justin and Holly Smoke. Justin and Holly were both the perfect Pristine couple and now with there daughter they were the perfect family.

when growing up Elizabeth had a good child hood and was very popular with the neighborhood kids. She loved to play with her friends and loved to draw in her scetch pad. When drawing Elizabeth was at peace and no one was able to ruin that for her. Sadly that peace didnt last for very long for Elizabeth because at the age of 5 Justin and Holly were fualsly accused of commiting murder. Elizabeth's two parent went to trile but sadly the were seen as guilt and were killed.

After that day Elizabeth began to grow up as a distant girl and hardley talked to anyone in her school. She was also put into foster care and sent to a foster home where she still didnt talk to any of the other children that lived in the house. the whole time she lived there, which was until she was 15, Elizabeth only made one friend which was Jasper Harris. He was a boy who also lived in her foster home and the 2 developed a brother sister bond. When Elizabeth turned aroun 17 and a half she was adopted by a pristine family and Elizabeth start to slowly become her old self. However since she still missed her parents and blame the rest of the world for killing them elizabeth stay distant

At the age of 18 Elizabeth went to take her test was she was pretty sure what her result were going to come out as.

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