Eleanor Masters
Dauntless Initiate
Owned by: C.allista

"Here is the world. Beautiful and awful things will happen.
Do not be afraid."
Full Name: Eleanor Dannika
Age: 16
Faction: Dauntless
Faction Born In: Dauntless
Job: Dauntless Initiate

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

General Status

Stubborn and opinionated. She hates sitting still, and loves nothing more than the thrill and exhilaration of adventure. She hates the way men are seen as stronger than women, and has vowed to prove that she is just as powerful as her male peers are.

Silver pocketknife from her mother, and spiked brass knuckles from her father.

Weapon Images

Amelia and Nicholas Masters (both transferred from Erudite) fell in love at sixteen, during Dauntless initiation. They had Eleanor at twenty. She turned out to be almost a carbon copy of her mother physically, and her father emotionally. They both shared the same love of waking up each morning and not knowing what would come next.

Eleanor got into fight at school regularly; she had a hot temper and hated being perceived as weak. She had a huge group of friends, all of which were Dauntless with the exception of a few Candor. She never really understood why everybody hated Candor so much; they weren't being mean, they were just telling the truth. They were the most trustworthy faction. Eleanor admired that. In fact, she admired at least one aspect of most of the factions. Amity was wise enough to understand that kindness is important. Erudite knew how the world worked better than any other faction. But Abnegation wasn't selfless, they were self sacrificial. They were weak, and there wasn't anything Eleanor hated more than weakness.

Eleanor always tried her hardest to disregard her emotions; fear was irrelevant. All it did was help her run faster and jump higher and see clearer. It was her superpower. Sadness, jealousy, and love were distracting. She wanted to be big, to make an impact on the world, and falling in love would ruin that. Unfortunately, she couldn't control it, and fell in love with Jamie Escott at fourteen. They dated until a week before her sixteenth birthday. Jamie, who had always questioned whether or not they belonged in Dauntless (Eleanor tried to ignore the possibility that Jamie might transfer) had disappeared after school one day, and was never seen again. Since then, Eleanor buried her emotions as far down as possible and put on a big smile every day. She decided she wouldn't fall in love again.

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