Lotus3 Diana Hollande Lotus3
Pristine Second-in-Command
Owned by: ~The Musician~



Pure living is a lifestyle, Not a one time thing
Full Name: Diana 'Marie' Covington
Age: 21
Faction: Pristine
Faction Born In: Pristine
Job: Pristine Leader

My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure

Like most days Diana can be found roaming around the Pristine faction. She can also be found in the Pristine training rooms, do her job by training the pristine-born initiates. On some occasions Diana makes her way over to the Neutral section of the city to pass the time and find something to entertain her.

Diana is a very intelligent & confident girl. Like most pristine peopl she is very


To protect herself, Diana always carries a dagger that she is able to conceal in whatever she wears. weather its strapped to her inner thigh or her outer ankle, she can conceal it almost anywhere


Parents Meeting:

"It wasn't like i asked to be the Perfect one..... the title sorta just fell on me once my parents realized how rebellious my twin sister Piper was. With time though the title of the perfect twin didn't real bother me much, i actually like the idea of perfection.My name is Diana Hollande and i was born to Jonah and Amanda Hollande. We were a pristine family - one of the purest, according to our leaders."

"As a child Piper, my twin sister, would constantly try and fight with me but i never really knew why. Maybe it was because our parents preferred me over her but, i didn't think she actually cared - she was always so proud of who she was, which i admired. Through my childhood, while Piper went out with her friend, my parent kept me home to learn the way of the pristine in hopes that one day i would become a leader."

"At the age of five, Piper and I began school and right away i was marked as a teachers pet, for the good grades and always being obedient. This caused a bit of a problem in my life since some of the other kids teased me and bullied me my teachers pet status. It wasn't like i could do anything though, With Piper being one of the popular girls she never really payed much attention to me and most of the time tried to avoid me when we were at school.however once beginning high school things changed for the better."

"It was finally the time where most kids hit puberty and everyone was right on time, including myself. Once hitting puberty i grew taller, i grew into my weight - so my once chunky body was now tall slim and curvy, my face was always pretty but now it was more mature and looked even better. To sum it all up i basically became hot and many of the girls who once bullied me were now trying to be my friends. Of course i forgave the other teens as it was a way of the pristine to always forgive others but, i never really forgot about the things they did to me. As time went on my sister really wasn't my sister anymore, she was always out and spending all her time with a girl named Rosalie, who i don't like for my own personal reasons. On occasions i would even here the two i Piper's room doing 'things' and on impulse would go running to my parents to tell them everything. I wasn't really sure why, maybe because i disliked Rosalie and even though my sister and i never spoke i still cared for her."

"Finally the choosing ceremony came up and of course i chose Pristine, to both please my parents and for my own personal reason, being that i had grown fond of the pristine ways. It wasn't a big surprise to me when Piper chose Fervor and right after Rosalie. I noticed the sheer happiness that spread across my parents face as my sister chose fervor and felt sorta bad. Had my parents really hated her that much they were happy to see her go? I guess it didnt matter now so i went on to go through my initiation. Like expected i was the very top of my class."

"That same week i had finished my initiation my friend Christian Grey stepped down from his second in command spot, for personal reasons, and then i was offered the spot. It wasn't to much of a surprise since i was the top of my class and automatically took it, becoming the leader to pristine-born initiates at the age of 21."

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