Connor King
Member of Fervor
Owned by: ~The Musician~

Full Name: Connor King
Age: 18
Faction: Fervor
Faction Born In: Dauntless
Job: Fervor Member


General Status

Connor is a cool fun guy. He loves to get into troble and loves to adventure. He is kind and strong and hates to see people getting bullied. When he joins the Fervor Faction he hopes to go outside the fence and adventure new places.

A white Cross Bow

Weapon Images

Connor King was born on june 17. His parents are kyle and Rayna King. He grew up normally. He played with his friend he went to school but, the one thing he loved to do most most venture into the other factions. He would sneek in the other factions never getting caught. He loved to see how they all worked and when it got dark he would go back home and fall asleep dreaming of going outside the gate.

When Connor started school he was really popular he had many friends and many girls who wanted to date him. He always turned them down and went on with his schooling. One day while walking home Connor found a whole in the gate. He was excited and decided to just go out and see what it was like. Once he got past it he looked out to the amity fields and loved it. 

When Connor got home he found his parents dead. He called other dauntless members and the next day Connor was sent to a foster home. Connor was pretty depresed for a long time but he moved on and went back to his happy and adventurous self. When he was about 17 he was adopted by a Fervor couple. Connor loved it there and decided that this was the faction he wanted to be in. So when a year past and he turned 18 he was ready to take his test.