Clarity Havens
Amity Supreme Leader
Owned by: ~The Musician~



Full Name: Clarity Elizabeth Havens
Age: 18
Faction: Amity
Faction Born In: Dauntless
Job: Amity Supreme Leader


Clarity spends most of her time in the Amity faction. She likes to walk around and help anyone who asks her. She also enjoys interacting with the people of her faction and being kind to everyone she meets. She is currently straight and single.

Like most Amity faction members Clarity is very kind and loves to help other. She has no limit when it comes to helping others and will do almost anything to protect the people closest to her. However under all her kindness Clarity still feels scared and doesn't like to share much of her past with anyone. Because of the beatings she got from her father and sometime her mother Clarity still flinches sometimes when someone yells or she thinks there about to hit her. Being the supreme leader of Amity Clarity tries to hide all her fear she has for her parents so she doesn't seem week.

A set of throwing knifes

Parents Meeting:

It was dark cold night in the dauntless faction. Most people were asleep but, there were some people who choose to stay up and have a bit of fun. Among those people was a young girl named Felicity Smoke a beautiful, fun, and social girl. That night Felicity ran into a group of her friends and with her friends was a boy she had never seen before. This boys name was Mark Haven and Felicity couldn't help but feel attracted to the young male. The two soon got to talking and after that night they soon began to date. After many year of being together they married and conceived Clarity.

Early Childhood:

After Clarity was born her parent never really payed much attention to her. The two parent were hoping for a boy who would have the chance to someday grow old and strong and become a dauntless faction leader but, instead they got stuck with a girl. Because of this Clarity spent most of her days with her grandmother who was also apart of the dauntless faction. As she grew older Clarity never really liked what dauntless stood for and would constantly be bullied by other kids in her school for being different. One day Clarity came home, With a black eye, and tried to go straight to her room so her parent wouldn't find out and get angry for not fighting back but, right when she was about to enter her room her father stopped her. He asked her what happened and Clarity explained. After finding out Clarity hadn't fought the bully back her father began to hit her and her mother did nothing to stop him. After that day Clarity constantly got beaten by her parents for being such a big disappointment.

Later Years:

When Clarity reached the age of 14 she began spending most of her time with the kids from the Amity faction. She liked how peaceful they were and how none of them were violent. When she reached 15 she even went as far as sneeking into one of her amity friend's house to stay over. Once turning 16 Clarity took her aptitude test and decided that she want to be apart of the Amity faction and leave her horrible parents behind. Going through the normal initiations and everything Clarity quickly went up in ranks. After two year of being in the Amity faction Clarity was given the rank of Supreme leader.

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