Christina Black
Erudite Second in Command
Owned by: ~The Musician~

Full Name: Christina Black
Age: 21
Faction: Erudite
Faction Born In: Erudite
Job: Dauntless Member


Christina is currently living in the erudite faction with all her fellow Erudite people. Most of time Christina can be found read a book in her room or in the neutral faction section hopping to bump into her Best friend Katherine but, since Katherine has left to the Allegiant she hardly sees her . She can also be found hanging out with Kiev, But since they are 2 leaders from diffrent factions they try and hide when they hang out

Christina is a smart independent women. Which is the typical way of the erudite faction but she is trying to work on being alittle diffrent. She loves to read love novels and stay with the fashion of today. She also loves a strong guy.

Silver and white cross bow

Weapon Images

Christina was born on june 12th on a cool fall evening. she had a good child with her parents tristian and jenna Black. when she turn 5 her parents bought her a caculater and from there Christina got smarter and smarter day by day. She would study all the time and when she started school she was the top student in her class. 'She was also the most wanted in her school but, with christina being herself denied themm all. she justed focused on her school and her work. when she turn 13 her parents started taking her to the labratory so she could study there as well. With all her time going into her school she never really had time to make friends. she also developed a smart mouth and always had to get her last word in.

when Christina turned 16 she got her first boyfriend and they were together for about a year when he crushed her heart by cheating. She found him and her best friend making out in a garden and christina's heart was crushed. they broke up that day after a long fight with him and her ex bestfriend. After  that  Christina became distant from her parents and stopped studing. She was sad for 6 months when she relized she couldnt lt that jerk take over her llife. So she got back to her studies and got a new and improved boy friend. 

She only got with him to show her ex how much better she could do. She then broke up with the guy and forgot about being involed with any man. she continued with her studies and became smarter and smarter every day. She kept going and put it all to a halt so she could take her test at the age of 21.