Christian Cliff

Pristine Soldier

Age: 16 Faction: Pristine   Faction Born in: Candor 

Job: Pristine Soldier  


Christian's personality is a happy one, he is usually a cheerful guy that loves to make people smile. People wonder how he could be brothers with such a moody person like Evan. But when he is upset, though he tries to hide it, usually fails and people who don't even know him tend to pick up on it. But Chris has a talent with art, when given a pencil and paper, he can draw amazing things. But most people do not know of this due to not many people bothering to ask about it.


Christian's parents were happily married before a stormy night in the middle of winter when he was born, but due to complications in his birth, his mother, Mary Anne, died instantly of child birth. His father, blaming Christian for her death and his broken heart, constantly just pushed him into the care of his neighbors, the Alexanders, and went on long and time consuming business trips as he was one of the top dogs in Candor. But in this time, since he rarely saw his father, Christian began to picture the Alexander's were his real family, and loved being with them, especially their son, Evan, and eventually they were joined to the hip, and hated being apart from each other. But no one was against it as Evan's parents looked at Christian as one of their own. When Mr. Alexander passed away in a car crash, he didn't know how to react, not knowing if he should mourn as much as Evan or hide it. Looking at how crushed Evan was, he made it his mission to cheer Evan back up, even at the mere age of five. Ever since, he has always known how to cheer Evan up. When at school, he did okay at the work but was popular with a lot of people due to his cheerful nature and everyone loved being around him as he knew how to make everyone laugh and if he didn't then he would bring it on himself to make that person laugh, even at least once. But as well as that, he was also a bit of a ladies man and hopped from girl to another, mostly candor girls, but sometimes they were from different factions but he never settled down and soon he had turned sixteen and was waiting for the test. He knew where he belonged. And it wasn't in Candor.


An automatic rifle

You Have Been Accepted

The Faction Leaders have concurred that you would bring excellent service as a Pristine Soldier. You can now put this template in your character page as a proof of its achievement. Congratulations.

"I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every minute of it" DrXax MINION

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