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Full Name: Carter Raphael Arch
Age: 17   
Faction: Erudite
Faction Born In: Abnegation
History: Biography

Early life: When I was a small child (1-9) I acted like abnegation, and always served and helped others, just as my parents did. I had an older brother named Ryder who was going to choose Abnegation in 3 years (I was six). When I was seven I starting realizing, that I might be as much of an Abnegation as I thought. I did love helping others rather than myself, but my life force was driven by a thirst for knowledge. When I was 10 My twin sister Kore confided to me she was going to choose Amity, and she told our parents Fabian, and Rose Arch. surprisingly they accepted, and said our mom was from Amity, and our father was from Erudite. They also said my mom’s original name was Rose Swords. From that day I was relieved, but not quite ready to tell them I want to be Erudite.

At age 11 I'd somehow made them wonder if I was an Erudite more than abnegation. My mom asked and he said yes he was thinking about being an Erudite. I was scared they would disapprove, but my father "encouraged it, as if his two 'young-ins" didn't just tell him they were going to leave eventually. From then to age 15 I never stopped helping people. When I was 15, a week after MY birthday my father died. It was a sad time for me, and I never fully regained my happy personality.

At age 16, I started getting serious about helping people, because my father loved it. I actually did not enjoy so much nonintellectual time, but it kept my mind straight, which was an important thing to me. My father’s death made Ryder becomes the male figure at age 24. The following year my choosing ceremony came upon, I chose...

Appearance, Personality and Possessions

Appearance: Blackish brown hair with grayish-cyan eyes. Is about 6'01'" in inches? He is usually seen with a blue jacket  and some jeans. Has a jellyfish shaped necklace he got from his mom on his fourteenth birthday. Has a great body :) He lis a light chocolate color. He weighs about 160. He has a pair of sport blue shoes that he is usually seen wearing.

Personality: He is really kind, but if you get on his bad side, then you're in a pretty bad situation. He likes to help people. His father, Hail, died a while back, and he's still a little sore about it. Is an incredible swimmer, And used to go off looking for people in need, although his mother often has to wander around to find him. :)

Weapons: A blue slate sword. Some silvers arrows, with a leather quiver. a small gun.

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