Bryce Michael Mayland
Erudite Member

Born May 31
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weapons White cross bow
Faction Erudite (now), Fervor (formerly)
Greatest Fear Losing his twin

Unlike his brother who would someday like to become a scientist Bryce is still heartbroken about his parent dying. He some how blames his self and is a little more distant. Bryce is now in the Erudite faction but he some time sneaks to the Fervor faction to party and get drunk. it helps him forget about his parent and some part of him just like to rebel. He sometimes feels bad because he make his brother worry about him alot

Andy Jason Mayland was born to Jessica and Christopher Mayland on a warm May 31st. He's the older twin brother of Bryce by just a few minutes and younger brother of May, their sister. Andy was a very outgoing child growing up and was rather mischievous and loud. He was basically an ideal Fervor child. All of that changed one fateful day.

On his and Bryce's seventh birthday, he was on his way with his family to the Faction-Neutral zoo. A fun and regular day for the dauntless became a dark and bloody day for the Mayland's. The Dauntless were playing paintball, but one of them forgot to bring the actual paintball guns and brought regular guns. Jokingly, they aimed it at May and shot her. She died on impact. They thought she was acting dead, so they shot Jessica and Christopher, as well. A few seconds after being shot, the Dauntless, Andy and Bryce checked on them, just to see them all bloody.

Panicking, Andy called 911, while Bryce looked for help and the Dauntless did everything they could to keep them alive. It was too late. May, Jessica and Christopher Mayland were dead. Andy and Bryce were placed in an orphanage for two years, until they got adopted. Andy grew a thirst for knowledge. He wanted to learn more and be a scientist. Andy and his brother got adopted by a great Erudite couple, in which expanded Andy's want for knowledge.