Look, I have no idea if this is over my head, but I have noticed a certain undoing of our Admin team. Again I'm just an admin and I do not mean to come off as disrespectful or rude that is not my intent. But as a member of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) I have come to appreciate what teamwork is and how it works. I believe our team is coming apart at the seams. Now i'm going to sound like an old man who is reminiscing of the past but I remember when I first joined here. I was proud to be a Rollback on the team. We were a close knit unit that got along with our creative juices flowing. I wish I could be back then. We're accusing each other of various penalties and other issues. I get it, life happens. I'm legendary to leaving in the middle of a high tension scenario. I get it. I really do. But if we're going to act as a team we need to clear the air instead of acting passive-aggressive towards one another. Myself included. We need to act as a unit, as a team. Teamwork means understanding one another's weaknesses and strengths, helping overcome weaknesses and helping one another discover each other's strengths.

In the scouts we have a phrase "Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing." When teams first get together they are Forming. Forming is when a team first get together and they establish leaders and other such items. Storming is when teams starts to argue and bicker when they discover each other's weaknesses. I believe this is where we are. Norming, is when a team realizes each other's strengths and respect the leaders. Performing, the final stage. Not many teams reach it. It's when teams perform to their best capability and function at their best capacity. They understand one another recognise each other's weaknesses and help one another overcome them. I have been in only performing team. I have seen many fail at storming. I have faith in our team. We can make it to performing. All it takes a little extra work and effort. We can do it, I have faith in us.

Teamwork:The combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient
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