Blake Shadows
Dauntless Second In-Command
Owned by: ~The Musician~

Full Name: Blake Shadows
Age: 18
Faction: Dauntless
Faction Born In: Abngation
Job: Dauntless Second in-command


Blake is Currently living in the Dauntless HQ as one of the second In-Command. do to him being so distant he is usually found alone sitting at a cafe near Dauntless. He can also be found in his room.

Blake is a very cold person. He doesnt like to be like that but it kinda just come naturally. He doesnt have many friends but the ones that he does have he is very loyal to them. He is also alittle protective of the younger kids the live in Dauntless

A set of throwing knifes

Weapon Images

Blake was born on a wintery cold night in December on the 13th. His parent were Austin and Jessica Smith. Blake was the only child of Austin and jessica so they expect good things from him. But when Blak couldnt fill those expectations his parents began to beat him. So overall his childhood was bad. </p>

once he started school he didnt havemuch friends and was bullied alot by other jerks from abnegation. He always wonder why these people could care about others so much and not care about him. So he always kept to him self and locked himself in his room all day. His parents didnt mind since even they didnt like there own son. Blake would work out and train whenever he could so othat when the bullies or his parents would attack him he would be able to protect him self.

When he turned 16 he wasnt thrown anything special like every year before. But on this certain day his father was angry at Blake for being such a disapointment that he tried to attack him with a knife. Blake dodged the first swing and grabed his fathers arm taking the knife away. He then held it up to his father trying to protect himself. Blake droped the knife and ran out the house and ran straight to Duantless hoping some one could help. He found a man who he told every thing and the next day Blake's parent were taken care of and blake was put into the child care system. he stayed in a orphanege for 1 years before a couple from Dauntless adopted him. There names were Tony and Destiny shadows.

Blake lived with them for a year before changing his last name to shadows not wanting to have his parents last name. He lived a good life with the Shadows couple And when it came time to take his test he new what faction he wanted to be in