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Name: Ash

Gender: female

Parents Faction: dauntless

Desired Faction: dauntless

Least Desired Faction: abergation

Current Age: 16

Appearance: 5'3, slim, but not twig-like, pretty white hair with a purple streak

Personality: really nice, but will turn the tables when she feels threatened

History: Ash was born to be dauntless. she was alwayd doing dangerous things that the other factions thought was absolutely crazy. She has only ne fear, which is roller coasters but she is planning to over come it. meanwhile, she sticks o jumping off of ledges, skydiving, the usual. 

 Ash plans to become a dauntless faction leader. she cannot stand cowards. She likes being a leader and she values bravery very much. She isnt afraid of overcoming a fear - she has overcame many to get where she is today. she wants to srive to be the best that she can be at all times. she wouldnt let anything get in her way.

Combat is a very important part of ash's life. she likes to fight. she is a warrior at heart. She isnt afraid to take on any challenge, and even if she loses, she has the bravery to own the fact that she lost. she will take that failure, and work until she can no longer fail. She also has a lot of endurance. she runs 3 miles every morning , before training time and 1 mile before going to bed. 

ash mostly wears black. She wears tanktops, tight nlack skinny jeans with a pair of combat boots. she occasionally wears dresses. she keeps her hair in a tight, slick ponytail, and leaves it down at eating time. 

Weapons: Ash uses guns, and hunting knives


  • Could you add more about her personality? I could help you if needed
  • Could you specify what guns? Shotguns? Pistols?
  • I know this seems menial but could you fix the spelling?

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