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Xael 1

Name: Xael Edward

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Erudite

Desired Faction: Dauntless

Least Desired Faction: Candor

Current Age: 16

Appearance: (see image)

Personality: Xael isn't like her late sibling who loves to stay inside their house and read or search all day. She loved the feeling of being outside, playing with the birds and playing imaginary sword fighting when she hadn't had anything to do. Being all curious, she is always aware of her surroundings, but nonetheless, loved going on adventures. Instead of working in offices and being stuck up in there, she desired going up and roaming around the land, maybe even being part of the Dauntless.

History: Xael's father, Samuel, was once a Candor, who then met Grace, her mother, when he chose Erudite. Grace was born an Erudite, and stayed in Erudite. Since they both loved books, they were always together, chilling in libraries and debating about stuff. They had little dates, until officially they were married. Happy, they bought their own house and had their own family. Their firstborn was Kyrie, and two years later, they had Xael.

Both kids went to good schools, and Xael learned lots, especially with the help of Kyrie's knowledge. The two were very close, and they always had their own world everytime, may their parents be at home or not. But Xael also spends half of her time playing with her sword, given to her by her dad. She would stay in their backyard and pretended she had an enemy and would start slashing it. She also tried guns, but they were too noisy. Unfortunately, just a week after her 13th birthday, Kyrie died after years of suffering ischemic heart disease. Starting that time, she always had mood swings and anger issues.

Her parents were a great help for her, and she learned how to control herself. To keep out her anger, she would practice and practice until she tires with a friend from Dauntless. She then pondered on picking a faction. Erudite wasn't in her list. She didn't want the jobs that was there for her. She wanted to be free and can somehow experience a life that was like riding through the wind.

Weapons: She has a sword - a rapier - and a handgun.

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